Speaking at the Hispanic Leadership Conference

Welcome to the Hispanic Leadership Conference

Welcome to the Hispanic Leadership Conference

I was asked to speak at the Hispanic Leadership Conference and I was HONORED and thankful!

They explained that they had created a title for this conference that was:  The Challenge of Happiness

A fellow speaker and educator who would like that I don’t mention wanted to do this with me. My first idea was to make this a presentation of being happy and all the ways happiness existed. However, the committee was looking for solution based presentations…and we found out we’d be the 2nd keynote. This is the presentation right before lunch…after they have already heard one presentation and lunch is getting closer and closer! This is a spot for people who can keep people’s attention….we had no problem!

Our idea was to present the fact that we are surrounded by FEAR all the time. Couple that with the idea that there are ways to get news by 6 devices a day: phone, tablet, computer, tv, radio, internet, magazines, social media, etc.  We have also found that fear is profitable and is propagated constantly by the media. If we are constantly seeing fear and destruction…how do we find happiness? This is where we started.


So how does one get away from the constant fear media and be happy?

1. Create your own happiness.

2. Create a positive social media (There’s a lot of negativity out there, but you don’t have to see it all the time. Hide the negative)

3. Smile

4. Surround yourself with positive people and positive things.

5. Do things for others.

This was the basis of the speech we put together and put on. In the middle of the speech, as my fellow speaker was explaining fear in the media, i noticed a table in the back. The table hadn’t been noticed by many, and even I hadn’t notive3d right away. It was a table in the back that had craft stuff.

When it was my turn, I asked why nobody had gone to see the table?  So I walked over there to see it. Turns out, it had cards that stated: Happiness is…..

Wow!!!  Why couldn’t we create happiness cards?  Why hasn’t anyone done anything?  Why hasn’t anyone created a happiness card?  No answers. Isn’t the answer obvious….we expect others to create and make us happy. Instead of notiving the table they noticed people, their friends, etc….all in an attempt to be happy at the conference. All skipped the “happiness table”


In the end, we created a world of happiness for everyone.

Remember, we create our own happiness everywhere we go!  Everywhere! Smiling, being happy, and a good cheery greeting goes a long way. When you make someone smile, you begin changing the world.

Chad Herman is available to speak at your conference, group, or function:

http://www. Motivatingforpositivechange.com



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