Acceptance and understanding of all people!

Amazing Stephen Wiltshire : Just Look & Draw : Wins Autism.


This is amazing. This man no doubt was ridiculed as a child. He is Autistic, and he is amazing!  Sadly people do not see these two descriptions in the same category. Instead, if you have a mental problem, you ARE a PROBLEM. Many people see these people and focus on:

how they don’t fit in society.

How they don’t act like the rest of us.

How they might not talk or respond in the way we like.

How they don’t have the emotional response that makes us feel good.

How they are always forgetting what you said because they were too preoccupied with the world in their head.

How they stand out because they are so often seen as a Weirdo or an outkast.

How they are often shut down and discouraged before they are allowed to try or even show what they really can do.

How they are put in classes that are in basements, in portables, or even in classes way in the back of the class. There are even some schools that make these young people with Mental Disorders enter the school from a different door and direction.

Sadly, these awesome amazing people are seen as problems and unfortunates. It is only when they can impress or do something “the normals” couldn’t, that they receive the recognition and  accolades they deserve.

When I speak of peace and nonviolence, I speak of the way that this is achieved:  Through Acceptance and Understanding.

The way we see people with mental disorders is a litmus test of how peaceful our society and culture really are. The more acceptance and understanding these awesome people receive, the more our society is accepting and understanding. Today we are seeing pockets of acceptance. We are seeing the stories of groups of cheerleaders celebrating a Downs young man. We see the prom queen who accepts the person with MS invitation to go to a dance. Bit by bit, we are seeing these pockets increase and grow.

This article shows us a glimpse, a small GLIMPSE, of what the Autistic are capable of. Look at the who’s who of scientists, artists, and great physicists and you see a pantheon of great men and women who mostly had a mental disorder, and most had high functioning autism. This mental disorder stigma that we live with on a normal basis is also the same judgmental shunning we do to our fellow humans on a daily basis. Depending on the group, the class, and the gender that you are with will depend on what things are acceptable and not acceptable. When we see someone that doesn’t fit our pre-disposed viewpoint of “normal” or acceptable we shun them to being “special” (a condescending word to create a sudo acceptance of people who are not like the rest of the group) and then make excuses for them.

I have a very good friend who has had a stroke and multiple diseases.When we are speaking she will slur her words, she might forget what she was saying, and she has the ability to suddenly become embarrassed for reasons we’re both unsure of. However, when she gets talking…she is an inspiration to us all. In fact, her life and the things she has created are legendary and inspiring in themselves.

Working towards this full and complete acceptance is the goal of our new culture. It is the goal of the world and society we are creating. When we see people propagating these old worn out view points and judgements of people who have these amazing abilities – we must say something. Not to be nasty. Not to stand up for these people (trust me they can stand up for themselves). Not to punish those that don’t know any better. No, we speak up in words of kindness in order to educate others in order to create an acceptance and understanding of all people. With articles such as this, we are reaching out and showing the judgmental “normals” that those with mental disorders are not freaks or outcasts…on the contrary they are merely waiting for you to see how bright they shine.


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  1. I agree with you completely. I used to work with people who were autistic and I hate how they are viewed by most in society. They are people. we are all people and we all have our own challenges. We shouldn’t judge those we don’t understand but learn to understand. That’s the first step to a more peaceful world.

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