Daily Motivating For Positive Change

Decorate Your House For Every Holiday

I knpw what you are saying…What?  How is that going to help anything.

Remember we are working on YOU in these posts. Creating a better more awesome YOU!

Great….how is this going to help me?

You’d be surprised! It amazing. Pick all the holidays you enjoy, make sure they span the whole year.  Then every time there’s a holiday coming up, decorate. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or bought items, it can just be decorations. It doesn’t even have to be the traditional Bunny on Easter decorations. On the contrary, the point of decorating for each holiday is to create a constantly changing special place for you to live and dwell in. Therefore, you will never get use to your surroundings, and youa re constantly looking for ways to cheer you own self up.

Happy You!


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