Guest Blogger rumours

In recent days people have contacted me about a rumor that there would be a guest blogger for this blog.

The Conversations have gone like this:

Others: I heard you were going to have a guest blogger?

Me: You did?

Others: Yeah. Are they going to talk about changing the world?

Me: Where did you hear this?

Others: That’s going to be so cool. I can’t wait to see who they are. I’m so excited!  Wow, to think you’re going to have a guest blogger. I hope you introduce them to everyone.

ME: I’m glad you’re looking forward to it.

Others: 🙂

That’s it. I’ve received about 20 messages that went down like this.

So to dispel the rumors…yes Motivating For Positive Change will have a few guest bloggers. When you make it your goal in life to create a more positive happy world, there are a lot of really cool people you meet along the way. There are some who are inspiring, there are some who are just who they are and that’s enough to inspire you to be someone better, there are those that you smile because you know them, then there’s the people that are doing similar things in their own way, and are equally creating a better world. I’m thankful and blessed to come across all of the people I do come across. Sometimes I comes across them for a moment:

I was sitting at a bus stop, not to use a bus, but to take a seat in the middle of a walk that accidentally became too long. There was a woman who was sitting there whistling and smiling. I told her I was glad to see her smiling and you just don’t see that much anymore. The woman smiled and told me that she had no reason to do anything but smile. She went on to tell me story after story of simply being happy with life. Then she said, have you ever been raped? This question caught me off guard and she explained she had.  The man who raped her was running through a window when she grabbed him. She looked him in the face and told him he could do better with his life. Now, this alone was amazing. However, she met him days later and explained how horrible what we did was. Then made him go to rape counseling with her, and finally helped him get his GED. She proudly said that that young man was now a college graduate making electronics to help the medical field.

It’s easy to be nice to nice people, it’s easy to care for a person who is loving, but it’s a true strength of humanity when you can be nice, respectful, and help a person who has already hurt you.

Sometimes I spend a large portion of my life like a friend of mine who decided to help others one day. When they were 15 they decided to do something better in the world, but didn’t know how. Then they volunteered at a shelter that changed her life. Now, she is helping to prevent domestic violence and violence in general. I could tell you countless stories of the hundreds of children, women, and men she has helped and saved in her time. In the end, she explains it’s the right thing to do!

I hope you enjoy the guest bloggers when they arrive, and I hope you learn from them.

I’m looking forward to reading their blogs…and I hope you are too!


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