How to save the planet


I was talking to a group of students today and we were talking about how to save the planet. In the process of this conversation we came up with a group steps that, if I followed, will actually save the planet. Here are the steps to save our planet:

Step 1: Realize there’s a problem.
So often people do not realize that our planet is in trouble. There are people who think that recycling is a fad. The walk outside and they are cold so obviously the earth is not warming up. I have heard people say that the Earth changes and that is why our climate is changing. All of these people are not realizing that there really is a problem.

Step 2: Save energy
Turn off the lights! Turning off the lights does more than just save your electric bill, it saves electricity. The less electricity we use the last we have to use fossil fuels to create electricity. By saying this, I am NOT saying that electricity is bad. There are just a lot of ways that we create electricity that is bad for the planet. But we don’t have to. Look for other ways to create electricity such as solar or wind.

Step 3: Save the water
All the water that exist on earth is the same water that has always existed on earth. If we pollute or hurt our water it will be with us forever. The ocean circulates through the entire planet. Whatever we do too the oceans and lakes by us it will circulate to the rest of the world.The less water we use the less the water plants have to pump water in the pipes. Save the water!

Step 4: Recycle
We can’t keep putting stuff that will harm our planet into the planet which is where the landfills are. We have to keep oil and non biodegradable stuff out of the landfills. The more we recycle the left oil that is needed and the less stuff goes into our Earth. If we recycled on a global scale, that means everyone recycles, we have the ability 2 change the current problems of all the earth. The really cool thing is that everything can be recycled or re purposed.

Step 5: Inform and educate
The more we educate others, especially the young, the better the earth will be. We can’t just speak to the people we like to speak to-We have to speak to EVERYONE! We especially have to talk and educate ALL of the schools. Schools talk to kids who are the future. Schools and parents create good habits and good ways of acting….these are things that kids pick up everyday. Then we need to send billions upon billions of letters to the government…especially the biggest polluters:USA and CHINA. After that, we have to educate all of the busineses that benefit from oil and nonrecycling. They can come up with beter ways and corporate practices.

In the end, if we All worked and lived this 5 step process….we could stop global warming thereby stop climate change. The biggest obstacle is the money that is being made by not helping the earth. But if we all speak in one voice we can create change.


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