Motivating kids to change the world

A great idea for all to follow.

A great idea for all to follow.


This magnet is on the back of my car! It’s my message to everyone who is behind me or who walk by and see it.

Today was the last of 4 classes to inspire and motivate a group of middle school students to change the world.

The classes went like this:

Class 1 – You are not just kids, even though that’s what you’ve heard all your life. There are a lot of kids just like you who have done amazing things,…go out there and do something to change the world, YOU can change the world.

Class 2 – What is a nonprofit. What is a charity. How can you help the charity and how can you help a nonprofit. What charities and nonprofits do you know of?

Class 3 – The best way to change the world is to add more positivity and happiness in the world. Lets list all the things we can be happy about. Let’s list more things to be happy about. Be nice and kind to others, so we are going to be in a circle and tell each person something sincerely good about them. Today was feeling very weird and hoake to them, but by the end of the day everyone was beaming and happy.

Class 4 – What nonprofits do you want to help? Lets list them and see what one we can agree on. What are you going to do for or with them?

Class 5 – I brought it boxes for drives for ASPCA and a homeless shelter down the road. Then we looked around and filled it up. We painted the boxes,and the drives began.

At the end of the 5 classes, kids were being nicer to each other. The kids were giving each other compliments. Oddly, they were being more respectful. Also, they started a recycling program, they are donating to the ASPCA, Metropolitan Ministries, and collecting money for the World Wildlife Foundation.

In the end, these students have seen that they CAN do more that they ever realized they could. They have the confidence to do more. They have the knowledge and how to go about doing things.

At the end, a young lady came up to me and asked if I was proud of them.  I answered with a resounding YES! This is why I do what I do!


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