Daily Motivating For Positive Change-note

Write a Thank you Note

It used to be that whenever you received a present you wrote a thank you note. Generations for hundreds of years gritted their teeth through a list of thank you notes to every relative after Christmas and our birthday. After doing it enough times, it became a habit and the appreciation that other people had because of us doing it helped us keep up the tradition….or not.

Thank you notes can be for presents or presence. What does that mean? We can thank someone for the gifts they give us…both monetary or spiritual or culinary. We can also thank someone for being there for us, helping us and being that person when we needed them. That is the act of presence….the act of being there when we needed them. This is also very worthy of a thank you card, note, or mention.

Today, writea thank you note to someone and then sit back and watch the magic happen!


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