Youa re who you WANT to be

I am

truly what

I pretend

to be!


Who are you pretending to be?

Why are you pretending to be anyone?

We need to live completely authentic!  We are the person who decides who we are.

1. Rules for how to get married. Who stands where. Who says what. Who pays for what.

2. Rules for being a mother: Good mothers do this. Good mothers do that. Bad mothers do this.

3. Rules for being a good father: Good fathers say this. Good fathers do this.

4. Rules of living: Good people do this. Good people do that.

5. Rules for working. Good workers don’t call in. Good workers can be depended on.

6. Rules for being a gender: Women are proper, nice, etc, etc. Men are strong and don’t show emotion, etc, etc

Stop living other people’s ideas of what should or shouldn’t be.

See your life as a blank canvas. Look at that canvas. You create the picture, the people, the world, the kids, the rules, the way of being, and the way to be happy. In the end, that canvas is splattered with paint, a pretty picture, an abstract, a doodle, a sketch…. it is exactly what you wanted it to be…and that is perfect!!!!


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