Daily Motivating For Positive Change-vegetables

Try being a vegetarian for 1 week.

TRY! Why not?

So many people are so against being a vegetarian…but why? Our bodies run very very well on vegetables and nonmeat based protein. There are a lot of myths and hearsay about the bad things of being a vegetarian.  Research and do the studies yourself.

For 1 week, eat nothing but vegetables. Eggs and milk are ok. This does not meat you a declaring a lifestyle change, you’re just trying it. You are allowed to try new things! You will begin to notice a lot of neat things:


cleaner digestive system

less weight

and clarity.

The more vegetables you eat, the better your body begins to respond. If you enjoy it, you can then continue to eat like that for longer. If you’re like me, I never enjoyed meat…it was just something that was always around. I saw the PETA videos, and that concerned me a lot. Then someone asked me why I wasn’t a vegetarian…so I became on.

If you’re the type of person that cares about animals…vegetarian is the only way to go. Like I say to people when they ask me why I’m a vegetarian: Because I don’t like to eat my friends!


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