Your life is great..perspective changes it.

We’re on a ball of dirt and water

spinning around a highly unstable

thermonuclear reactor

in the middle of an asteroid belt.


Story 1:

September 8, 2001 – I was driving to work. A news bulletin explaining that this was of national importance: A senator slept with  an underage intern and she came forward.

September 10, 2001 – I was driving to work again and the senate and congress and the supreme court is going to here about this unbelievable act by this senator.


Story 2:

A young lady by the name of Naomi Gonzales left her house at 7pm to go to an awesome party! She had a great time and she knew her curfew was 12am.  Naomi’s mother always waited up for her to come home. But she would sit at the top of the stairs so her daughter couldn’t see her. Everyone laughed because the family member that knew that the mother did this said there was a spot on the wall where she would lay her head down and drift off while waiting. if Naomi was one hour late, her father would come out and sit with her mother. Two hours late, which had only happened once and was met with a very harsh grounding, and the two parents began coming up with consequences. This night when she was 1 hour late, the father was irate. She had promised to be on time. She promised! She lied! At two hours, the two were furious. They had come up with consequences, and they were ready to yell. There was a knock at the door at hour 2. They had locked the door so Naomi couldn’t just saunter into the house, she had to be “let in”. The mother and father opened the door and yelled in unison, “Young lady….” The police officer explained that a drunk driver ran a red light and killed Naomi


So often we focus on nonsense that means nothing. We live in a very narrow perspective. So much of our life is insignificant and it is only when we are forced to see the greatness of our life…do we see it for what it really is. So often we watch as great and amazing things pass us by…like the hug from a child. It’s an inconvenience when you need a gallon of milk, cereal, and bread and you have to get it in 5 minutes to be at an appointment that starts in 2 minutes.

When we step back and look at our life…most of our problems are truly insignificant when you look at the big picture


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