Daily Motivating For Positive Change-hero

Write a letter to your hero


Yes, that’s right…write a letter to your hero.

We all have a hero and often times it changes as we grow older. As a child my hero was my mother. In many ways she still is. She lived her life exactly like she wanted to and never let anyone tell her that she wasn’t able to. She was as kind as she could be to every living creature. She did more for others than they did for her and she saw the kindness in everyone. As I grew, however, I learned of new heros such as Mother Theresa, Susan G Coleman’s sister, and my 10th grade english teacher. Nowadays, I come across heroes everyday.

A 14 year odl I spoke to decided to start a nonprofit that take food from restaurants and transfers it to food banks.

A 20 year old I spoke to decided to go get his GED and clean up his life by appologizing to every person he hurt in his life, even if it mean going to jail.


A 11 year old decided that we need to do more for people so she collected money for various charities.

Whomeve3r your hero is, write them a letter and let them know. Explain to them why they are your hero, and thank them for doing that or those great things that are so awesome. No matter who your hero is they will much appreciate it.



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