Daily Motivating For Positive Change – homeless

Talk to a homeless person


i was teaching a class about “changing the world” and a young man explained to me that we need to “get rid of all homeless people”. I asked him why he would say something like that and he explained that every homeless person is worthless and just taking up space.

WOW! How sad is this thinking!?

Take a moment and get to know a homeless person and you will find a very different world than you ever realized. I’ve written a lot about the homeless and how easy it is for a person to become a homeless. In fact, very recently, a study stated that there are more people that are 1 paycheck away from homeless than anyone ever realized.

All you have to do is say….”HI”

Most homeless people are really just looking for a way to get by, live, and improve their life,

This is the first step to accepting all people for who they are. When we begin to accdept people for who they are, we begin to create happiness and peace!



  1. I see the same man most mornings in the same spot on my way to work. Some days I give him money. On the days I don’t, I make a point of giving him a ‘good morning’ and a smile. I love it when I see others do the same. It can only be doing good!

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