Good Samriatan Paying it forward

This post was something I just had to share. A gentleman paid for another gentleman’s baggage fee (a fee that I don’t believe in in the first place), and then he asked the man to pay it forward. Wow…I love these kinds of stories. I know what you’re going to say, of course you do…look at your blog, look at what you do.

Ok, I know…this type of stuff and these actions are my life. But I love that people do it, and that it’s actually happening. Albeit, it should happen a lot more…but the fact it’s happening so cool!

Good Afternoon…I’m actually posting this today at 12 for a reason. If we, as the great people we are, saw this post at noon and then went to lunch, or read it on your phone or tablet while going to lunch or at lunch.  If we keep it in the readership…that’s 170 people. Every person bought 1 lunch for someone else…and said to them, why don’t you do the same….and the person actually did it – that’s 340 “good Samaritan/pay it forward-like” deeds. Oh yeah. Now, is this a reality…if we want it to be. Ok so you don’t have enough money to buy someone a lunch, do something else then. The point is the deed and the repercussion of that deed. The ripple affect..if you will.

Alert Alert…Crazy idea!!!!!


What if you did 1 (just 1…one simple, little, itsy bitsy) good “random act of kindness” a day. It doesn’t have to be big or anything worthy of a headline on the 1st page of the USA Today (though it could be if you want). Just something as simple as tapping a dollar to a vending machine. Then…you wrote a blog. Everyday you wrote down the one thing that you did. People would follow it….people would want to be part of it. You would then inspire other awesome, amazing, cool, neat, random acts of kindness. Wow!  You’d be an innovator.

Post a comment below of your awesome good deed below…and if you create the blog: Tell me about it and I’ll link and talk about it…promise!


I look forward to seeing your posts.

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  1. This is very inspirational! I am trying to do something like this with my friend, though we are just starting and trying out different things. I’ve thought for a long time about trying to do a “pay it forward” or “random act of kindness” action each day for a year, but I have a bit of trouble with thinking of things to do that don’t need money, as I am at the moment still unemployed and on top of that I need money to help pay for university. Do you have any advice or tips?

    • That’s an awesome idea!!! Thinking of things is the hardest part. 1st – Never underestimate the power of a post it note. Place post it notes of positive messages everywhere people will look. Great places for this are on bathroom mirrors, back of stalls, restaurant menus, books in libraries, etc. 2nd – Doing things for people ALWAYS is a good idea and costs nothing. There are so many people who only need your time and your help. Pushing a car, pushing a person in a wheelchair going up hill, getting people to give a homeless man some money, etc.
      3rd – I post a daily post called “daily motivating for positive change” if you search under “daily”, “daily dose”, or daily motivating for positive change” you will find A LOT of ideas!!! I hope his helps. By the way, if you do this…I’ll reblog everything you do!

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