Hearts and smiles

This is another post of finding hearts and smiles pipping up all over.

Now here’s the big question,. Does everyone see these hearts and smiles? Obviously, the answer is No. These hearts and smiles that are everywhere are there as a reminder for the person who sees it, the one who has.their eyes open. Its like everything in life and in the universe, everything is there for you as long as you’re paying attention enough to see it. Albert Einstein once said that everything is in front of you its just how you look at it. To hear some more hearts and smiles I have found in my travels.



Ever since this building one up, I’ve called it the happy building. There are smiley faces all over it. When it first one up I had to drive past it everyday and it was such a joy to see the building smiling at me.


Walking to a store and I got two reminders on this one.


This one is a stretch, but fountains always make me smile. If you look closely you can see a heart shape. If you can’t, I’m sorry.


A leaf on the grown reminding me that love is the way…love all, forgive all, serve(help) all!


This one was amazing! The Sun is setting and as I drove by a palm tree I noticed this huge amazing heart. However you can only see it from this vantage point and at this moment. Sometimes, a message is there only for you as that one moment. At this moment I needed to know that love and kindness is the way.


Getting ready to speak to a group of 75 business people about happiness and prosperity. Whole morning messed up, lots of stress….a reminder that its an awesome day. Smile.

In the end…look for the hearts and smiles all.around us. Send them to me!

The universe is always reminding you that it’s a lot better than you realize and there’s always someone who loves you.



  1. This was a beautiful post! I loved every minute of it! Thank you for sharing some of the simple ways to appreciate and look at life. I saw every single smile and heart in all your pictures immediately. Perhaps, it’s because I am a woman of a very grateful and thankful spirit. I appreciate and love life! Thank you Chad.

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