10 Things People with Disabilities Need to Start Doing Today to Be Happier

A great list of great ideas for us all.

The New B.P

nEW HEADERdraft_lens1938996module9169178photo_1208536604great_smilePeople have always been more interested in the secret to eternal life, not the secret to true happiness. That’s because people already think they know what would make them happy – a perfect body, perfect health, money, sex, adventure, fame, success; all the usual subjects. And people with disabilities often choose these usual subjects too. But for people who’ve won the lottery and ended up with a crazy life a few years later know, getting what you want isn’t always the secret to happiness. Sometimes the secret isn’t something you can buy or achieve with good looks, but something from within that can change, helping you truly align yourself with the road to happiness. Read on for 10 ways people with disabilities can start getting happier today.
No more regrets.
A lot of us have become disabled through an accident, accidents that in many cases could’ve been avoided. Living day…

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