Daily motivating for positive change-laugh

Make a conscious effort to laugh more

I’ve told you to smile more because it increases happy chemicals in your brain to make you happier.

I’ve told you to do more things for other people and it increases your happiness level 10 times.

Now we have laughter.  Laughter takes the positive effects of smiling and doing things for people and multiplies it by 100. Laughter not only increases happy chemicals in your brain but it also increases white blood cells in the blood. More white blood cells the more your body is fighting disease and things that can harm it. In fact, as was studied by renowned doctor patch Adams, laughter can actually heal your body. There was a man named Tom that fell out of a plane from 10,000 feet up. He landed on a parking lot. He survived. Because of laughter, he walked out of the hospital in 6 months even though he broke 90 percent of the bones in his body. Laughter has the ability to make our entire life and world better


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