Daily motivating for positive change-walk

Take a walk

Get out of your house and get outside for a while. When you take a walk you immediately start to do great things for your body. When you take a walk your blood starts to circulate through your brain faster and it actually encourages brain cell development. In reality, when you take a walk there is nothing bad but the pollution that you breathe in. Lol

Also when you take a walk you get a moment with your thoughts and your ideas. Look around. You’re able to see a better and newer world then the TV allows you to see. If you take a walk in nature, the nature alone will increase all of the happy chemicals in your brain. Remember, a better you mean you can create a better world.



  1. I have to follow therapy because I was bitten by a dog about a year ago and now I’m afraid of wild dogs… (the ones that storm up to you) and when I read this I had to think about what my psychologist said: walking actually helps you to get your thoughts on order… it has something to do with the right left right left right left … movement…

    (EMDR treatment does the same thing)

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