Chad Herman on the radio…THE SHOW

Yesterday evening I was honored to be invited to be on Going Solo Radio with CeCe Shatz!

I hope you were able to catch the broadcast…but if you didn’t here it is.

Let me first say CeCe is an amazing person and visionary herself. She has the biggest heart and loves what she does. If you take a look at her site Going solo Radio

You will see a myriad of support groups, get togethers, events, and of course the past shows from her awesome radio show. The premise of the site is to help those who have, or are going through, a divorce and help them realize  1)You aren’t alone 2)There are a lot of people out there like you 3)There is life, and it’s a pretty amazing one, after divorce. 4) There are people to talk to and hangout with that have similar stories and experiences.

With the US divorce rate up over 60%, this is definitely a needed service.

Highlights of the radio show

It was wonderful! We spoke about the many ways people can find happiness, joy, and many ways to pull themselves out of the depths of depression that we all get into at some point in our lives.  This depression especially happens after divorce(especially if you were the one left) The main take aways from the show was this:

You can be happy and happier, here’s how:

1.Gratitude – Thank you and thank everyone for everything that happens. As you know from reading this blog, I’m a big believer of being grateful for what we have and who we are.

2. Be happy about you: You are the captain, the person, and the leader of your life. You should be ecstatic about yourself. Unfortunately, what happens is that we get lost in the minutiae of nonsense of everyday life and begin beating ourselves up. Everyday, list 5 things that you like about yourself. Try to come up with different ones each day.

STOP THE HATE SPEECH!!!!! stop saying nasty things about yourself. “I’m dumb”, I’m an idiot”, I’m too slow”, I’m a failure”, “I’m fat”, “I hate my _________(add body part here). If it’s working it’s doing good. When you use the words “I am” you are directly creating who you are…and you ARE NOT these things.

Also, be happy about what you have. You have so much…you just don’t realize it. Think about it…somewhere in the world there is a person praying on their knees everyday for legs, fingers, hands, working organs, etc….and you already have these things. In many ways, you are other people’s prayer realized. Live like it!

3. Get involved with something bigger than you.

This goes along the same things I’ve written in this blog thousands of times. Go out and pick a cause…and put your energy towards it every day!  Every day! Every moment you go and do something that helps people and things around you, you are creating a power within yourself that is bigger than you could ever imagined. You are empowering your life with GOOD!

4. Know that you can change the world

Yes, you can!

You can make this world, your world, and our world a better place. I promise. If you heed the steps of number 3, you are already making the world a better place. If you work on telling everyone thank you(number 1)  and showing gratitude towards all people for being part of your life, you are showing and adding happiness into their life as well as yours.  Little by little…no matter what positive thing you do…you are creating a world of positivity.


There are so many more great quotes and ideas that came out of the show…watch the show for more!


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