10 Things you can do with your smart phone right now to help the world become a better place

I remember when I was 10 years old my mom and I were driving through Rodeo Drive. I saw a guy holding a huge bag. Out of the bag was a long cord attached to the biggest phone I’ve ever seen. It was bigger than his head. We stopped at the light and I heard him speaking:

“Yeah, I’m on a mobile cellular phone. I’m standing on the corner talking to you. Really….I totally am. ”

Cell phone technology has come a long way and most people have a cell phone now. In response to this, everyone is marketing tot he smart phones. This is a good thing, because with more links to your phone the more influence you have over the general population. That means with the new smart phone technologies you can help the world become a better place in ways that were never thought possible.


10 Things you can do with your smart phone right now to help the world become a better place:


1. Post positive things on Twitter, facebook, tumblr, etc.

Remember, any positive thing helping others make the world a more positive place is helpful.

2. Create a positive video!

It’s not that hard, and you can do it on your lunch break.

3. Take positive pictures!

There are positive awesome things happening all around you. Take a picture of it and share it with the world.

4. Write positive things on others boards/walls/pages

everyone loves positive messages reach out and add some positivity to other people’s world.

5. Look up what people are doing right now to help change the world for the better.

The more examples that you and everyone sees of people doing positive things to help the world and the people in it, the more other people believe they can do the same thing.

6. Write an e-mail to a long lost friend.

Friends are friends even when you haven’t spoke in a while. When you rekindle that relationship, you have created another positive interaction in the world.

7. Reach out to people who have forgotten about you with a positive message.

John Lennon wrote: Life is what happens when you are busy making other plans.  This is so very true. Reach out and make a long lost connection happy today.

8. Sign petitions at various sites.

There are so many sites that you can do this at: change,org, World Wildlife Federation.com, Animal Rights, Human rights

9. Download apps that can help you help others.

The app store is full of apps, and the things we download are: games, morphing people’s features, and more games. Why not look for apps that can make things better or make you better. A meditation app, daily scriptures, etc…there’s a lot out there to make things better.

10. Call up people to organize an event to influence people!

Events are simple to organize – get a bunch of people together and go do something. Simple as that.

If you do something…let me know and I’ll put it on here!



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