Daily Dose of Motivation…Nice

Just Be Nice

I found myself standing in a large department store watching multiple TVs. It was one of the “lets go to this store and look around” shopping trips. This means that we’ll go there and everyone will seperate into their sections: wife-home, girls-clothes, boy-toys. I don’t have a section because I don’t want to buy anything.

I digress, so there I was watching 75 tvs. A little brother walked past his big sister and smacked her in the head. Their mother shrieked, grabbed the boy by the arm hard enough to leave marks, and sis was pissed  and was wearing a face that said “I’m already plannijg revenge and you’ll pay.”

The mother pulled his face up to hers and yelled-CANT YOU JUST BE NICE!!

I chuckled having heard this phrase before. Sitting at a bar when a man was yelling at a woman. Watching presedential canidates bicker and sling nastiness. Speaking to neighbors about other neighbors. Watching people murder, hit, abuse, and destroy other people on the news. Watching kids on a play ground…and so so many more! All of these scenarios Ive.uttered or Ive heard someone else say it-Just be Nice!

1st-why arent people nice? On the contrary, most people ARE nice. However, we are.not all taughgt, trained, or educated in the same moral and ethical view point of what nice actually is. One of my best friends in high school was told by his mother that the nicest.thing you could do to.someone was to show them where they needed to improve. Soooo, he would walk up to a peraon and tell them they were fat and needed to lose weight. Crude..but following the teachings of his mother. He WAS being nice when he told people they were fat, wore the wrong.clothes, said something stupid, etc. In fact, our idea and ideal of what “nice” is comea from the teachings of our culture and teachings. 

We must come to the understanding that most people are trying to be nice…they just might me missing the accepted moral mark.

2. Most people have to be taught to be nice. I created a phrase to help others understand what “being nice is”.

Treat others the way they want to be treated as long as there is no violence!

With this phrase and definition, you must 1st think about how you would like to be treated. Then you have to ASK the other person how “they” want to be treated. Finally…NO VIOLENCE!  Thats one of the big pieces of “being nice”-No Violence. There is never ever a time when being violent is being nice. Never! Allow me to say that again: NO VIOLENCE!! Whenever you attack a person with violence you ARE NOT being nice. Any kind of abuse:mental, physical, verbal is NOT being nice.

If we are going to be a better person and better people we need to:

Just Be Nice


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