5 ways to inspire and motivate people to change the world

Chad Herman motivational speaker motivating and inspiring on stage!

Chad Herman motivational speaker motivating and inspiring on stage!

Hi, my name is Chad Herman and I spend my life motivating and inspiring people to change the world. Not only that, I show people that they themselves can do amazing t6hign to change the world. And they have the power to get up and do something NOW. I show people how to see the bright side of bad situations, and how to see the bright  and positive side no matter what. I motivate and inspire people to see happiness, see positivity, and see where they can make improvements in the world by being happy, helpful, selfless, and positive.

This is Motivating For Positive Change in a nutshell.

However, what if you heard me, saw me, read something I wrote and thought: “WOW! That’s amazing, I want to get people to do good things in my area or neighborhood, and then there will be more people doing good…but you don’t know how to do it. This is your answer!

Begin simple and go with what you know and what you are passionate about…

1. Educate

Educating people or a group of people about working toward changing the world is something that has been going on since before there were people that had the title of “teacher”. it’s human nature to do this. We ask people to join us for things all the time. When they don’t see it as something they want to do, they decline. At this moment, we begin educating them as to all the awesome reasons why they should do these things with us.

What to do: Talk to people…a lot of people. The people around you every day and your neighbors and friends are great people to start with. Don’t shove things down people’s throats…that’s just not nice. Ask them what they know about the subject and ideas you want to pursue. Start a REAL conversation.


But if you’re talking and saying all of this, then you’re the leader person. So that means if you talk the talk, you have to walk the walk.


2. Be the change

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Ghandi’s famous quote is exactly what we need to do. The mere act of doing it inspires others to do amazing things.  Being the change seems to be the hardest part of the quote. We talk about all of the things we can do to help people, help the world, help others, etc, etc. But do we ever get off our but and go do it. I was part of this group that always talked about doing work to help people, but we never did anything. Thanksgiving was coming up and every person in the entire group ( a total of 150) agreed we should do a thanksgiving dinner for the homeless and shelters in the area. But when it was time to volunteer to be part of the dinner…suddenly everyone was busy. This happens all of the time. People are great at complaining and talking about the problem, but slow to go do something about it. That’s the difference between someone who is motivating others to do something and everyone else. If you educate people to do it, you need to start doing it yourself. Very few people will stop smoking if they’re told to quit by a smoker.

Do: Go out and do something, organize something, and get things out of the “talking” world and into the “doing” world. Even if no one helps..you are starting a foundation that will set precendents and will garner help and motivation because look…you do what you say. That’s integrity my friend!


So you did, but who knows? Ge the word out there!


3. Show the results

People want to know it’s going to work. People want to know that they aren’t just doing something to do something. Therefore, you have to show people that this thing you’re asking them to do is actually possible. How do they know it’s going to be possible?

1. It’s been done before. This is the easiest way to motivate others to do something. If people know that something has been done before, they realize it’s possible. People love stories of other times this has been done. They love stories about how these ideas have been used and succeeded in the past. This shows the people that not only is it possible, but they can all succeed at it.

2. The principals behind it make it possible. If this has never been done before, it’s a little harder to pwersuade others to do it. Therefore, don’t focus on the doing but focus on the ideals behind it. Focus on the belief that started them thinking about this idea. Now show people the results that these beliefs have done in the past…people with these ideals and beliefs have done many great things like….

Do: Publisize, talk about, and write about what has already happened. Talk to the people you educated about stuff that is going on and what they could do. When you show how possible it is, and the results that have happened…it seems possible for others.

4. Write about it

This is a very important step. Writing about what has been done, what you have experienced, and what you are doing.

When you began writing about what you are doing…kindness, positivity, etc…you are advertising and showing people that it is possible. Not only that, you are opening a line of communication to all the other people in the world. Also, you begin to be like a TV a TV show. Remember the step up above…you writing, youtubeing, etc about the great things you are doing allows others to watch from afar. They get to watch to see if you are going to mess up, if your ideas are going to work, but also IF your ideas are going to work. This IF part is very important. People don’t like believing in things that will fail. They don’t like giving their time to things that aren’t going to be successful and make them look like a failure. A failure, our society has taught us, is the worst thing anyone can be. If you show and write that you are succeeding or at least putting yourself out there in the same way you are asking them to…you are apt to find many people wanting to “try it” or “help”.


If you’re going to write…what are you going to write. In positive celebration of others of course!!



5. Celebrate others doing it

This is part of my own beliefs as well. I’m a big believer of “paying it forward” (although I’ve never seen the movie). I’m also a big believer of helping others out. I always search people out doing great things and try to celebrate and show that people are doing awesome amazing things. If you are trying to motivate someone to do something, go look for that thing that you are working to get others to do. If you want them to build a garden, showcase people building a garden. If you want them to donate money to a PTA, showcase people doing it.

But, what if people are already doing it after you try the 1st steps?  Celebrate them! Celebrate anyone and everyone that listened to you and decided to do it. If you asked or told someone to do something and they did it…celebrate that. Buy them a gift, send them roses, a handshake, or write about them on facebook or a blog. Celebrate all of the people you wanted to do the awesome thing you were talking about! Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate!!!

Motivating people to do something is hard and continuous work. However, when people start doing it, there’s nothing better.  Nothing. If you are successful…let me know and I will be happy to showcase and celebrate that. Also, the mere act of trying to motivate someone to change the world in a positive way, even if you don’t succeed, you are making an amazing difference!

Do: Go DO IT and motivate people. The more people out there doing stuff, the more people helping the world be a better place!

Are there any ideas that you can think of that I forgot?



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