A teacher who swims through a river everyday to get to his students

A teacher who swims through a river everyday to get to his students.

This is an amazing story. Not only is this an amazing story it has a very deep seated comment about teachers.

What is a teacher: The simplest answer is that a teacher is a person who teaches. Therefore, we are all teachers and we are all students.

However, when you decide that you vocation, your utter existence and the way you make your living is by teaching, then you have taken the idea of teaching to another level. You have decided that your wants and needs for a time are not yours, but they belong to your students. You have taken on the task to teach these students (regardless of their age) the information they NEED to know. It is also your responsibility to make sure they know it, and be as available as you can to help them know the information that you are teaching them. Your job is to create masters at what you teach so that they may now take that information and use it in a way that will help their life and life long learning.

If you student can not learn..your job as a teacher is to help them find a way to learn. Teachers must teach a student in the best way they will learn…teach them to their learning modalities: visual, auditory, kinetic, script. This also means that you have to help your students be able to even arrive at school. This is not a “other world” situation, as we see in this article, this si happening right her in the states as well. There are so many kids who want to learn but can n0t get to school for various reasons. Teachers must step up and realize that this is their responsibility as well. Because you are teaching that student who wants and needs to learn….your actions as well as your lessons are teaching them.

This teacher not only taught his students the basics, but he also taught them that education is so important that good people will help them get it. They were also taught that there are good people out there, and we all have the ability to become one of them. Lastly, he taught the village and the adults that we as a community are responsible for the education of the future and our fellow people.

Teachers are educators of the community and the world.

How are you teaching people today?




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