Help the earth, grow this neat garden. (easiest garden in the world)

You’re sitting around with a bunch of plastic bottles and you KNOW somethign could be done with them…but you don’t know what.

How about create a living wall as a gift or as a gift to you.

What’s a living wall?

It’s a wall of plants you’d hang on a wall or a side of the building and plant plants in them. They are completely made out of plastic bottles, fishing string, and dirt. Thsi would be great for a church project, a community project, a school project, or just as a gift. The video above tells you how to do this completely step by step!!!

ECO Alert –

Pay attention to the statistics in the beginning of the video. They are 100% true and SCARRY!!!!!!  We NEED (HAVE TO) start recycling more and planting more. This is an awesome project that combines both,. Not only are we helping the earth by reusing and recycling, we’re creating more oxygen and fresh air in the planet. Not only that, plant some butterfly plants and feeder plants, and you will find you have a butterfly garden hanging on the side of your house. Add in some vine plants, and you have a vine that will cover your wall….so many people are looking for this look.

No matter what you do, it’s helping!

What other eco-friendly, recycling ideas do you have?



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