Quotes and thoughts to help your day to day

Welcome to a post of inspirational thoughts…may they help you along your path today:


If you can imagine it, you can dream it, and you can become it.

As the sutra says:Thoughts become things. Every thought we have comes with a magic power to become real. Think it enough and your thoughts will become who you are. So thing positive aespme thoughts.


Home is where your story begins

The old saying goes…good home good person and it also says the journey of 1000 miles starts with the first step. All things are possible from home.


Cherish yesterday, live today, and dream tomorrow.

We only have now…live today to create a future exactly as you want.


Fill your life with sunshine, and your heart with love.

May happiness and love fill your life. May you always find a way to see the happiness. May you always love all people and be loved by all for your positivity.


Believe there are no limits but the sky!

The only limits on you are thise you put on yourself. Shake off the limits.your parents told you about. You decide…and you will decide that you CAN DO ANYTHING! THERE IS NO IMPOSSIBLE!  There is only IM POSSIBLE!


Memories are the flowers in the garden of love.

Never believe that you have lost anything…the memory keeps it alive.

In the end I wish you two wonderful states of being. I hope you achieve these two syates of being very soon..even if only for a moment(what a gloruius wonderful moment that will be)



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