The road ahead of you


There’s a road ahead of you paved in sun light!

This small statement is true…truer than most statements you hear. Truer than most truths. Truer than most things people tell you is “reality”.

There are twists…look closely and you will see them. Those twists often seem like they are taking you away from your goal: that amazing life youre dreaming of. However, if you take a step back and look, though the shortest distance between too spots is a straight line, those twists are not there to point you in another direction or keep you from your goal. On the contrary, those twists are moving you away from obstacles, pitfalls, and dangerous spots.

Notice those bumps and overgrown areas and ravines, they aren’t there to stop you. They arent there to cause you problems or stop you in your path. Oh no! They are there so that you are prepared for the bigger bumps later. But no worries, those bigger obstacles will be a piece of cake when you get.there because of the learning that took place.previously on your path.

There will be moments that it feels like you are walking backwards. This is only a feeling…you are always moving forward. But as a caterpillar must be reduced to become a wonderful butterfly, those moments that feel like backward momentum is just your life getting ready for an amazing rebound! We bound and rebound!

The end of this road is, like the caterpillar,  the end to this moment of perception. We never stop learning. We never stop changing. We never stop becoming more than we were before. Every new moment is an oportunity to grow!

May you grow ever more and never ever give up!


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