Perception vs Reality affecting the happiness of your world


I took an absolutely pathetic picture of my son. He had surgery over his eye, his eye was swollen, and he wasnt feeling good. So, how did this come about and what does this have to do with perception, reality, and happiness?

A few months ago a small little tiny itsy bitsy bubble appeared on my son’s nose. He has a habit of crying a lot so we figured it was just his body being affected by the large amount of salt water poured over that part of his nose. As the days turned into weeks and the weeks turned into months the little thing got bigger and bigger. Once it looked like a bubble it was time to do something about it. So we popped it…there was minimal blood and pain. It came back just as big! We popped it again.

When it cem back for ansecond time, it was.time for a doctor. Wham! We got major news. Turns out this bubble was a hematoma and possibly was growing under his skin. In fact, it might be……And they said it….thr BIG C. When the cancer word was said, suddenly this little thing became disatrously important! Suddenly a whirlwind of doctor apointments and surgery talk began.

As I watched all of this I begin thinking how this “thing” ,in my perspective, turned from insignifigant bump, to an odd bubble, to a major problem, and now possibly cancer. Did this “thing” change, no. Did this “thing” change or become something different. This is how anything can be changed from good to.bad to indifferent…to triggering any emotion you decide. Imagine…every “thing” and moment has the ability to be ANYTHING you decide it is: good, bad, whatever.

My question: Why would anyone choose anything but positivity and happiness?

We could get into a hugebpsychological conversation and debate about this taking consideration if the A C E test and nurture vs nature.

However, in the end we still have a choice. Our perception still creates our reality…period!

Happy person…happy life.

Back to the picture of my son. He hated it and that is why I didn’t post it here. Darn, it was a good pic to illustrate the point. But the picture showed a post surgery face, a black eye and stitches. When I took it he put on the saddest most degected fac ever. But right before that we heard that it was not cancer. To look at the picture one would say the news was different.

We are our perceptio. Try looking at
the world through another persons eyes.


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