War keeps the population down?


We need to be more compassionate!

We need to be more compassionate!

I was standing in front of about 250 people giving a speech on nonviolence when a man stood up and told me I was full of crap. He then went on to explain that war keeps the population down.


Here’s his rationale:

All of the hunting seasons were designed with on purpose: population control.  Because of the movement and modernization of the world, the humans have destroyed and vastly decreased the population of the natural carnivores such as wolves, coyotes, etc that keep down the population. If we don’t keep down the population, there isn’t enough food for them and they will die anyway. Therefore, hunters are given a limit they can hunt, limit they can kill, and an age limit the animals have to be.  So we protect the kids for future hunts, and we cut out those that would die anyway because of the lack of food. So this is what we do with war. We send out older people, keep the kids for the future wars, and make sure everyone has enough to eat. If there weren’t wars there would be starvation and famine all over the world.


Well, number 1 – there is starvation and famine all over the world. It’s not because of a lack of food for the number of people out there, it’s greed that keeps food out of people’s mouths. In fact, only ¼ of the food that is sent to other countries from people wanting to help ever gets into their mouth. A lot of it is confiscated to be given to the wealthy and the leaders. The reason people aren’t eating is because we have decided this is the way tot should be. If a few of the billionaires actually spent some of their money…we could end hunger in the world. In fact, 1.02 billion people in the world are hungry. The UN proposed that it would take 195 billion dollars a year for five years to end hunger. This number was created by adding up how much it would cost to create, change, and educate the entire infrastructure of multiple nations in order to create sustainable food and continuous nutrition. In fact, just to give the people food it would cost almost ½ of that.


wpid-CAM01090.jpgAs far as over crowding. We are nowhere near overcrowding on this planet. It is true that we aren’t taking care of the planet, therefore the planet isn’t liking us right now. However, there are still billions of acres of land, not counting the poles, that is available and ready tot live on. In fact, I went on a drive from Florida to Colorado and then from Colorado back down through New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and finally back to Florida.  In New Mexico I found millions of acres of land…dirt cheap to whomever wanted to buy it. However, it wasn’t close to a city for miles. But…it is land. It is the same land that most fo these cities were started on. It is an available place to live and be happy at.

We don’t have a population problem, we have a “I want” problem. I want to live near a city. I want to have all the new technology,. I want everything done for me. I want all the food. I want all the money. I want….I want…..I want.

If we eliminated the “I want” syndrome, we would be able to create nonviolence and peace. Because most of our conflicts and problems come from the “I want” syndrome. Because if it’s “mine” I don’t want to give it to anyone or share it…It’s MINE!!

Many of the problems of the world can be boiled down to the “I want” syndrome. But I have to say :

There is nothing good about war.

There is nothing good about violence.


What do you think?



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