Domestic Violence is Real and needs to be stopped!

2012 domestic violence numbers

2012 domestic violence numbers

I recently wrote an article in the local paper about domestic violence.

The story I started with sounded like this:

A young lady became involved with a wonderful young man. They spent most of their time together. It felt as if it was love at first sight. After many months this wonderful young man begin suggesting that she wear only the things he liked. She wanted to please him, so she obliged to wear things that made him happy and by doing this it made her happy too. A few months later, the young boy made comments on her weight, he friends, and even her view of herself. Unfortunately, these were some of the same things that she herself had heard from others that she loved in the past. By the end of the 1st year, she wore what he told her to, she spoke only to the people he allowed her to, and felt horrible about herself. However, she believed he was right about everything. Friends talked her about the relationship, but she explained that it was just the way he was. One day, her sister asked if she wanted to go to lunch. She was elated and was happy to go. She was having a great time till the phone rang and rang and rang! The txt messages and voice mails became increasingly more threatening till he arrived at the restraint. He screamed at her for not doing what he wanted her to do, and when her sister said something he yelled at her as well. He put the woman into his car and drove away. The next time her sister saw her was 4 months later. She wouldn’t look anyone in the face and she had fresh bruises on her arms, her chest, and her face. Her friends, her family, people passing on the street, and even strangers in stores asked to help her but she looked the other way for fear of being seen talking to someone and the repercussions that would cause. 2 years after they begin dating the young woman walked into a bathroom and found a card that asked: “Does your partner hurt you?” She cried, called the number, and was soon in a Domestic Violence shelter and on the way to a wonderful new life.

After the column ran..I received e-mails asking me if I knew various people because the stories were so true!

Look a the number above!

These are real numbers. These aren’t made up or spun in order to make someone money.

These numbers were created to show people, YOU, what the real numbers of Domestic Violence look like.

This year alone, I have reported, seen, or intervened in (I know I’m crazy) intimate partner violence over 25 times.

Remember –

It is your business.

It is your responsibility!

We have to report it, or it won’t stop!

We are responsible for the well being of all people in our community.

Women don’t deserve to be abused.

Men don’t deserve to be abused.

No one should ever hurt another!


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