What is fracking and why is it so bad…please watch!


Please watch this video!   Please watch this video!

This process is currently hurting our earth so bad, that it may not recover.

The earth friendly, please save our earth, please stop global warming group 350.org has been picketing, speaking out, yelling, sitting, and asking everyone to stop letting this happen. We must speak with one voice and one let everyone, including the people who are doing this, that we CAN NOT do this.

Scientist say that once we begin employing the process of fracking, it is the death nail to our planet.

The death nail to our planet!!!!!!

This is more serious than anyone realizes. We are at a moment where we can look back and see the problems we have created in the past, why would we want our children to do the same thing.

The more we harm the earth and its inhabitants, the less time we have on this planet!

Please help stop Fracking!


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