kids? really?

There are days I watch my kids with a quanderment. Theyve lived their whole life with me. Theyve been volunteering with me. Theyve benn to nonviolence and peace rallies. They understand respect and speak out on negativity and gender equality.

Then they do things and I ask.myself why!

Why did you take your brother’s snorkle.from him and hit him in the head?

Why did you lock your sister out of the house?

Why didnt you fold the clothes on the couch that youre now sitting on.

Why did you balance the dish on top of the sink full of dishes? Why not do them?

Why didnt you pick up the paper in the hall when you walked over it?

Your mom told you you could, why ask me?

Then all the sudden they are talking about genders. Boys do this girls do this boy’s do that girls do that and I’ve talked to them continuously about gender equality and girls can do anything boys can do.

How is the bed do you live with me for all these years and still the fight easy ideas still come in? Because in the end it is up to the general person. We have a choice and that’s what it all comes down to. We choose to be happy we choose who we are we choose everything off every aspect of our life. Kids are no different.

You know you shouldn’t eat that chocolate cake at 1 a.m.. You know who you shouldn’t speak to your spouse like that its rude. You know you shouldn’t be past the stop sign or run the red light but hey you’re in a hurry. The motivational speaker or training that you saw at your job told you the right and wrong things to do. No matter how great the message was the things your friends, your culture, your society says to do you still do unless you choose not to.

So back to my kids. Why are they doing all these things to hurt people hurt each other put the earth and everything I’ve taught them against because just like you they will culture and friends before they’ll listen to the teachings of culture and friends before they’ll listen to the teachings of a motivational speaker they call dad.


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