The difference a day makes

When I was a kid there was a commercial that had the old song: What a difference a day makes. It was a commercial for a suit company. They showed you men in work or play clothes and then showes them in suits. This commercial has always stuck wirh me bwcause of how simple the concept is, but how truly profound as well.

1 day can change so much. 1 day is the difference between a degree and no degree. 1 day is a difference between a baby and being pregnant. 1 day has the ability to make a huge difference!


On those rainy days, dreary days, blue days when the bad keeps coming your way think “what a difference a day makes”. When things keep happening one after another trying your patience and your stress is at a all time low, and all you can say is “its just one of those.days” -it will get better. When all you think is you shouldn’t have got up today…try this:

1. Take a deep breath and smile!
2. Look for the positive…(theres always positive. youre alive is #1. Youre not in the hospital is #2. and so on and so on)
3. Remember…this is only today…the sunshine in your life will be back.


Soon it will be bright again. Soon youll be able to see through the rain drops and celebrate the day thats before you. It cant be negative all the time and happiness and positivity is just around the corner?

What things do you do that you could share to make yourself happy so we can all learn?


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