An elevator (Enjoy your floor Mj)


I pushed the down button and waited for the next car.

At that moment I had to take a phone call. I watched people get on and get off the elevator dozens of times. Then I had sort of an ephiany:

All of these people geting on the elevator were existing in my 2nd floor world. They would exist, walk, talk everything…existing on this 2nd floor world. When it was their time to go, they walked over to the elevator and left. I never spoke to them.again. Standing on the 2nd floor I known the smells of the hospital, the looks the walls, the look of everything on only the second floor. This is my limited perspective.

When these people would leave for the second floor they had all sorts of experiences in their 1sr floor world. They did so many things that I dont evenen know, I would never know…for all intents and purposes to me they were gone.

In reality, the 1st floor world has a gift shop, the cafeteria, the emergency room, and the amazing outside with all of natyre. Pretty amazing if you lived on that floor. But what is really going on is that most of us are truly sitting on the second floor.  We accept that this is our reality and that theres nothing else but the 2nd floor..but what about the bottom floor?

Yes…what about it? This is where life truly happens. This is where you can breathe the air, hike, run, jump, drive, and have the greatest time in the world!

And someone on the.2nd floor wouldnt know anything about it. In fact-all they would know is that the people took the elevator.

This is my very simple view on death. The process of death is merely an elevator to another floor where there’s so much amazing awesomeness that nobody wants to come back!!

What do you think?

To and for my dear life partner MJ who now has an end date: 5\28/64-10/2/13. Always my locr!


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