8 questions with JRey

Thank you JRey for being part of the 8 question project.

I hope everyone enjoys reading JRey’s viewpoints and ideas!


34 years old

I am a light-skinned, freckled woman with medium length brown/reddish hair. I have a round face that turns red easily when I am hot, embarrassed, or laughing. I have a few extra curves and am starting to be more comfortable with them. I am pretty tall at 5’7” and love to wear heels.

I live in South Florida but was born and raised on Long Island. This information is important because you can take the girl out of Long Island but can’t take the Long Island out of the girl.

Wow, what is the meaning of life? Isn’t this a question we would all like to have an answer to? I think we all have to find our own meaning since there is no confirmed universal answer to this question. I think the meaning of my life is to help others and make a positive impact in my community. I have poured myself into this throughout my work but now have the opportunity to raise a son in the same light. I want him to know that I am here to help him throughout his life. I want him to know that it is a goal of mine to raise a son who will be a positive, productive member of society. I want him to know that it is important to make a difference in the lives of others, even if the act is small. My life is meaningful to me because of these things, therefore is my meaning of life.

I am definitely afraid to die. My husband is not and his perspective is when it is your day, it is your day. I have a very hard time with that perspective since the impact of someone’s passing is so great on their surviving loved ones. Having lost my mother to cancer at the age of 20 (Mom was only 45), I know what it is like to live longing to talk to someone you love and miss every day. My fear is that I will leave someone feeling that loss was too soon. I know we all say someone’s passing is too soon but I want my son and husband to feel like I was there for the big stuff. I am afraid to die and miss all of those occasions for them the way my Mom missed them with me. I am also slightly afraid of the process of dying. I am afraid of the possibility of the process being painful and I am afraid of there possibly being nothing after this life.

I am happy because I have learned I can accomplish anything I set my mind on. I am happy because I have people in my life I love and care for that love and care for me. I am happy because I love my work; it isn’t work, it is who I am. I am happy because I am free to make my own choices. I am happy because I help others. I am happiest in my home with my little family, even when they are driving me crazy!

This is a tough question. There are probably a lot of messages I would like to give the world so narrowing it down to a message or an idea is challenging. If it were one thing I would give the world it would be this… Find yourself and BE your TRUE self!


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