8 questions with Lindy

Thank you Lindy for sharing your thoughts and aspects of life with us through these 8 questions!



still cute

Tampa. Florida

the pursuit of well being, whether it be social, spiritual, or physical

When I think about my children after I die, I feel sad for them, just as I have have grieved for the loss of many close loved ones, especially my mother and my husband. However, I am no longer afraid to die because I no longer believe there is nothingness after death and that I will immediately enter into another consciousness. I have temporary feelings of happiness.

There are many things that cause me to be happy. In general, I feel just ok, not quite complete, things that have never been yet realized. I can be distracted for awhile. I cry a lot and don’t know why. Then when I’m at the ocean or the mountains and feeling one with nature, I actually experience what I can call happiness.I love my family, love to be with my children, my Grandchild and like to hang out with friends, but I find that’s hard to find happiness in other people.

Iidealistic as I am, I want people’s differences not to cause so much hate.  The older I get, the more nonsensical it seemed for Republicans and Democrats to rage against each other, those with different religions to believe their’s was the only way to God, for homosexuality not to be accepted as just another aspect of their humanness, man against man, take land, persecute the weak…it’s always been our nature, and the more I travel toward my own mortality, the more unbelievable it gets for me.


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