8 questions with Sam

Hello Everyone!

With this new direction, I will be posting the answers to these questions, without the actual questions, so that everyone can see these answers. These are the preview to the book, please let me know what you think.  Each person will get a link to this blog…and their questions.

1. Sam

2. 51 or 52 depending whether you believe life begins at conception or birth. My mom had me a bit whacked on that one.

3. Stunning

4. On a lake near the ocean in Virginia Beach

5. My life specifically… clearly so God has something to amuse him when he’s drinking b

6. No. Seriously? If I believed in hell this would be it. The only thing missed is the constant attendance of my X2B mother in law and a Barry Manilow loop.

7. Great kids. Cool dog. Unique ability to make people chuckle.

8. Try not to invent your own truth.


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