A new direction for the blog!!!

Good Morning every one of my followers –

I appreciate you!

Well, it seems that my life has changed yet once again. Before I began as a motivational speaker, I was a high school teacher.

I’m a natural born teacher, and that’s just what I do…educate.  That’s really what Motivating For Positive Change was suppose to be as well, a new way of educating more people to help them change the world. Unfortunetly, there is a thin line between starting a business and being unemployed. Suddenly, I was evicted out of my house and basicly evicted out of my comfy life, so I had to make changes very quickly!  As is the normal Chad way of doing things; I reinvented myself (or in this case, went back to what I know and really where I belong) and I have now started over.

So what are the new changes and the new directions for the blog?

Great Question…

I’m going to keep the poitivity flowing. I’ll keep the amazing stuff that I post on this blog as is per usual. However, there are some other endeavors that I will be posting here.

I have a few books that are in the works:

1. One Human Family: A book showing that all of us are more alike than different.

– A book of about 300 interviews of the same 8 questions. These 8 questions are questions that all people share, questions that all people have thought about have formed opinions about. I figure that once 300 are gathered, we will see a lot of the same answers as well as a lot of the same ideas. Maybe if we can all see the same answers to the same questions, we could all see that we are all alike.

Note: If you’d like to answer these 8 questions, please ask!!  Please, I’d love for you to be part of this book!


2. A book about positivity. {Title unknown}

– A collection of blog posts, original essays, and ideas of positivity and hppiness. A pseudo “how to” book to be positive and happy. It’s very similar to this blog and a whole lot better.


3. Group of short stories {Title Unknown}

– These are a group of short stories on multiple subjects and ideas. I guarantee, if you like, or kinda like, my writing…you will LOVE these stories. Some of them will be published on this blog. Some will be put on here in short form, and the rest will be up for order.

4. Poetry

So far there are 3 books of poetry by me that are on Amazon.com that you can now purchase if you’d like.

If you like poetry – You’ll truly like the books!

I hope you like the new direction, and please share this blog with others. I look forward to hearing your comments.

If you really want to be part of the 8 QUESTIONS book, please message me or comment I will send you the questions.



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