8 questions with Edna

These 8 questions are essential questions that we ourselves must ask ourself.

Would you like to answer these 8 questions and be part of the 8-QUESTION PROJECT?  Let me know by putting a comment or send me an e-mail at motivatingforpositivechange@yahoo.com, or message me on facebook…Chad herman

Here’s how Edna answered these questions.

1. Edna /;)
2. 40
3. overweight blonde with glasses.
4. Florida
5. to learn to care less about your own problems and help out those in need.
6. yes and no. less afraid now because I know my Mom will be there waiting for me.
7. I try to be.
8. don’t just be a watcher go out and do something be of value to the world. You don’t need to have “success” or be successful. You need to be useful or of value .

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