I, human…we’re all connected

I was waking around asking people if they wanted to be part of the 8 question project,.and as usual I’m looked at funny and treated oddly. However, this time I found myself noticing some odd things and these spawned my thoughts here:

Ppeople want to stay in their own little pla#ce, they want to stay their own little worl-;d carrying on in their own little way. What happens when someone interrupts that moment or reality. This is what I got to witness today.

When you’re walking to a store from your car you have a prearranged plan of what you are going to do. It usually sounds something like this:

I’m going to GMax, then the dollar store, and then I have to get toilet paper, etc, etc….

So when someone interrupts this inner monologue and prescribed plan the person reacts one of three ways.

1. Fear. You get scared of someone coming at.you. Interesting enough, fear is taught to us. So who taught you to fear strangers? Mom, Dad, aunt, granny, teachers, or maybe lifetime movies. Regardless, you were taught to fear and your actions are only slightly your fault.  They will lash out, scream, or try to hurt you. This happened to me three times today.

2. Concerned. They are not scared of strangers, but they don’t know why people are the way.they are. They often become angry and are just generally put out. I was called a pervert, a sicko, and she alerted the entire store that I was out there.

3. Happy/courteous. These people are neat but most of the time they won’t answer the questions either.

Interupting people in their busy life is dfficult because you are interrupting their life. That’s what it comes down to. People get the most angry when they are inconvenienced or perceive you are impending their life in some way.

Lets think about this for a moment…people are getting bothered and angry that a fellow human being is wanting to commune with them in communication and friendship. Even when I began my conversation, I used my label and my profession, but it didn’t matter their fellow.human was not wanted!

When this observation dawned on me I was shocked. Then I thought about city streets and people walking side side and never.acknowledging their presence or even their humanhood. This is where we are.in this world…where we live in a world where everything is connected and we are one human family-yet nobody will admit it. Fear has taken us over, and we see it as normal.

As my girlfriend says:break the cycle. Say hello to a stranger or answer the man’s 8 questions. 🙂

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