Who is the author Chad Herman?

Chad Herman is a nationally known motivational speaker.He has spoken to multiple nonprofit and for profit organizations. He has also spent many years teaching adults and teens about motivational speaking and unlocking the potential that is hidden inside them. He has been involved in the cause to prevent Intimate Partner Violence for over 5 years, and looks for ways to end all violence in both his community and throughout the nation.

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Chad Herman travels throughout the country educating people about how to motivate others to enact social change, and help make the world be a better place. His goal in life is to motivate as many people as possible, to change the world, and create a better living environment for all people.

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Chad Herman is a visionary who believes and can envision a world where people treat all people with respect and kindness. A world where every person can and does learn to their greatest potential. A world where there is no violence and we all have an equal opportunity!  A world where everyone sees that they have a vested interest in the way the world is, the way people act and react, and the way that they themselves make it a better place. Through his motivational speaking, he hopes to allow everyone else to see this amazing future as well.

Chad Herman has an uncanny ability to connect with every walk of life. Chad says, “I see people as people, and i believe that we’re all united in an uncertain future. We are all more connected and alike than we are different and apart. If we can all try to make this world a better place – WE ALL WIN!

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Call him at 727 290 5246


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