BEGINS today!!!!!

That’s right it’s that time….time for the challenge.
Time to start helping people out.

Time to start changing the world 1 person at a time, 1 act at a time!!!


Here is a quick recap of  the rules and prizes:


(To take on the challenge…Just start posting/uploading the acts you’re doing on these wordpress pages)

1. Starting June 10 (the 1st day) you will begin doing “World changing” acts.

2. You will Stop “having” to record your acts for this challenge on June 19.  The last day to post your June 19th act is June 20th. (You’re more than welcome to keep doing the acts, and keep posting them to the blog…I’d be happy to showcase what you are doing to help change the world! I’m always happy to promote and showcase people creating positive change in our world!)

3. Contest ends June 20!

4. Every act has to be documented with at story (picture preferable), explanation (video good as well), or a way of showing that you did said act.

5. Each act’s description must be posted to this blog in some way.

6. One of the 10 has to be volunteer work.

7. In order to win one of the prizes you must adhere to all these rules. You must have posted 10 acts by June 20.

8: If you join the challenge late, you must still perform 10 acts.   No new submissions after the 8th day. (Exception: You enter the challenge with 8 picture posts.)

Any questions please feel free to e-mail me at: motivatingforpositivechange@yahoo.com


1. The number one prize is that you created 10 acts that created positive change. You took yourself out of the equation for a moment, and made someone else’s life better!  How awesome is that?

Grand Prize!!

– 1 One of my books of your choice, Autographed.

– A Letter of Inspiration written specifically to you, and

– Every act you created will be showcased as a special blog in your honor. In this blog, I’d be happy to write whatever you’d like me to write about yourself, and link back to any site you’d like. (Please no adult or violent sites.)

1st prize

– 1 One of my books of your choice.

– Every act you created will be showcased as a special blog in your honor. With any link backs and your created bio.

2nd Prize

Every act you created will be showcased as a special blog in your honor. With any link backs and your created bio.

3rd prize

The acts you did will be showcased as a special blog in your honor.

I will be doing this also…look for my posts and I will be looking for yours.

Let’s do amazing things!!!


Wandering Star Art Gallery – All artisits welcome and wanted

Wandering Star Gallery – A home for artists of all kinds

I wandered down Westbay in Largo, fL the other day and passed a number of new and upcoming shops as well as some old favorites. It was an amazing to see the new vitality and exuberance that is in downtown Largo today. Downtown Largo is becoming what it use to be….the heart of the city.

As I was out walking and marveling a sign beckoned me..it simply said: Hello Sunshine!

What?! Did this store just say hello to me?  As I looked into the window I was greeted with an eclectic array of art and fun!

Fun?  Yes. When your eyes dance and bounce from piece to piece, and they open wider and wider with wonder and exuberance and enjoyment…suddenly you are having fun. The enjoyment of simply looking at the front display was more than I could take…so I walked in. But before I walked in I was greeted with a comment that made me stop, think, and smile.

The name of the store is called Wandering Star Gallery. Wandering star..huh?  Wow, aren’t we all a wondering star. A star lookign for a sky that is perfect for just us. A sky where people will see us exactly as we want to be seen? Then as we get older we find, we wander because that is what we do. We wander the world interacting, loving, and being a part of all the others of the world. That is why we wander. An old saying says, “Not all those who wander are lost.” And when I walked into the Wander Star Gallery..I was not lost, I was home.

Immediately there’s a red ottoman that greeted me at the door. An ottoman with the most subtle piece of foliage painted on the top. A little plant growing across the top, a black plant on a serene white back ground. I really wanted to pull up a chair and prop my feel up on it…then suddenly it occurred to me..I was looking at a car tire. Really?  Wow!!!  This was a re-purposed, upcycled, recycled car tire artistically turned into an awesome ottoman. Wow. If this is the front, what else could be in store for me?

Why art…art of all kinds. Photography, oils, paint, clothing, and even sculpture. But that’s not where it ends. The walls are covered with art, but not in a static “it’s been there for a while” type of art, a vibrant revolving art showcase.

As the owner and curator of Wandering Star Tanya Galloway explained, “You will see different art each time you come in. I’ve put out a call for artists, and these wall will be covered by different artists all the time. Even some that are just starting!”

Did you hear that…that was a call to artists. If you’re reading this Wandering art Gallery at 220 W Bay drive in Largo is calling for artists of all ages and all types to display and sell your art in their gallery.

As I wandered the gallery there is hand made jewelry that is simply amazing and just beckons you to try on, to wear, to sport with that new outfit you just got. Then you spin around and there’s some awesome hand made soap and a great hand made rocking chair that simply asks:please sit, please relax….and have some of this local coffee and tea.  Sit down and learn a talent that you didn’t know you had.

A talent…what?  That’s when you realize there are known artist painting all around you, but there’s something slightly different. When I asked about these little pieces of art…Tanya simply said,”Oh, those are paintings done in our “Paint Like the Masters class”.

I can take classes?  Better. You can take classes, you and your kids can take classes, and you can create masterpieces! Wandering Star Gallery has a Friday Kids Art night, a afternoon Mommy and me art, Daddy and me art, and even art for everyone…these are the masters events.

So I signed up for the Kids night…and wow!  We made owls. Owls!!! We made owls out of clay.  Me and my kids can now say we can sculpt an owl, and my niece (a collector of owls) is ecstatic about this. We cut out our hands and then we made the earth. Hands and earth…ok?  Then the magical owner and curator of Wandering Star Gallery instructed us to hang out hands on our earth and suddenly all of the kids there, 7 in total, were taught that they hold the earth in their hands, and the earth will only be what THEY want it to be. Suddenly, the kids were motivated to make the world a better place.

Wandering Star Gallery…a must see place no matter where you are living.


Chad Herman – Motivational Speaker



There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.
I sat listening to people complain today and watched them get more and more angry.

Then these same people, became angry at others voting for the wrong people, things taking too much time, and computers “going to slow”.

Any one of you could be one of these people…if you let it. That’s just it…if you let it.

We don’t have to allow or let these things happen. We can decide to be happy. No matter what’s going on, we have the choice to be happy. Think about that for a moment.

You have the choice to be happy…what a great thought that is.

Not only do you have the choice to be happy, but you also have the choice to help someone else be happy. Imagine making a whole group of people happy?

This ability to make people happy is what the entire “random acts of kindness” idea is all about. People going around and doing good deeds making other people happy. How cool!

What’s even cooler or neater is that we can make someone happy every minute of every day. Send a friend an e-mail with a uplifting thought. Say thank you to someone who didn’t think it could or would ever happen. Smile! (sometimes that’s all it takes.)

So go out there and make people happy.

Here’s an idea:

1. Create a piece of paper that says…I am happy, and I want you to be to.

2. Give each person you meet three.

3.Explain that the 1st one is for them. The other 2 is for them to give to two other people.

Imagine the happiness revolution you could start if you did that to 200 people (600 strips of paper….24 pages with 25 on each page) That would mean 600 people would get the message. Wow…now that’s happiness.  If you spark a copy cat the happiness level could increase 2 fold.

I am happy, and I want you to be happy too!




Artist George E. Miller II Artist & advocate

I walked into a conference a few years ago hoping that I would learn something that I could use in creating my motivational speeches.

(On a side note – See, when I create speeches for people…I try to tailor it to them, and also I try to add different things in each one so that you may hear something now in one way, but an example or an illustration will give you the same idea in a way that will be more palatable to the brain….similar to this wonderful artist on this page..incidentally.)

The conference was the conference of Abuse, Neglect and Dependency (Three words that plague our society. Three words that could use so much help trying to prevent. If someone truly wants to help change and save the world…these areas are definitely areas that are in great need. They link to so many other crimes in later life, and in later situations if either of the three are allowed to go on past the birth of a child or in a child’s home!)

The first thing I saw when I walked in to the lobby was a number of portraits, paintings, and lithographs of multicultural people celebrating their similarities and differences.

Then I realized

There are words in that picture.

That’s right.  This art was a message in many many ways.

That is the magic of George E. Miller III work. It defies art to be less than all that it could be.

Not only does his canvas speak to you in color, artist stroke, creativity, and composition…the subject matter itself inspires us to see the world in a new way. It inspires us to see a world where there are no racial borders, there are no country borders, there is only one rich stew of cultures and people. This stew is not something to balk at, but instead it is something to revere and celebrate.

Then there are the words…

This creates a dimension all on its own. A fold in a sleeve spells hope on a child with a bruise on its eye. A hand is slightly discolored and reads “READ” as a group of children enjoy a book. A cloud thanks god and a sky tells us to believe in the ability of peace…yet, only in the word of peace drawn out through sun rays.

George’s art is in a class of its own.

If you have not followed any of the links that you have passed thus far, please click here and look at all of the art in its splendor and think about displaying it proudly as a statement of your view that the world can be a better, more peaceful world away from neglect, abuse, and abandonment.

Yet…on another note. Let us lift up George for doing exactly what I ask every person I meet, talk to, or come across to do. George is an artist. His talent is obvious, and his art speaks for itself (Yet, I’ve done a lot of speaking for it.)

He took his talent, his ability and put it to the use of changing the world. Not only changing the world, but making it a better place.

What can you do that can help change the world for the better?

How can you promote the cessation of violence, negativity, and destruction?

Chris Jordan – Changing the world through art!

I was first introduced to Chris Jordan after he was depicted on TED!

Chris Jordan is an artist who decided to use his work to change the world. (Gotta love it!) Instead of doing his arty just because he wanted to make money, he did it to show the injustices of our everyday world. Though he can not correct the injustices of the world he can show his art that has the ability to show how bad things truly are, and where people need to stand up and change it.

To give you a very small idea of his work, this is a picture of what looks like some industrial smoke stacks. In fact it “Depicts one million plastic cups, the number used on airline flights in the US every six hours.” And at the time of creating this piece….they did not recycle any of it because…”they just don’t do that in that industry.”

This is one example of the many many pictures he has created showing horrid things that are happening right here in the US. From the 1.8 million plastic bags we use per day, to the thousands of dogs and cats that are killed because they couldn’t find a home. You can change these numbers.

Chris is pointing out the problems we are facing, and asking, pleading, and wishing that someone would do something…anything about them.

Take a look at his artwork here, and ask yourself if there is something you can do to change the very real horrors that his pictures represent.

What are you doing to change the world?

How do you think we can decrease these numbers in your own neighborhood?