Wwriting the fiction I love to write.

I’m working hard on the writing. I’ve been in a writing funk for a while.

See, I used to write fiction nonstop, then suddenly it all stopped. The stories stopped coming. To date I have multiple short stories published in various literary journals and such, but getting them in the journals is the easy part. Then I began focusing on getting paid. The name of the” pay” game is 1) Write what other people want you to write like trade journals, journalism, or copy for.advertisements. 2) Publish your own stuff, market your own stuff, sell your own stuff. 3) (by far takes the longest) write a novel and shop it to publishers. Sadly, the creative juices dried up. Then I started writing for blogs,mine and others,  and the nonfiction took over. Poetry survived, has been published here and everywhere imaginable and I also have 3 books of it available on Amazon(check it out, just put my name is the search box-BTW, yes I know I.could have put a link but I figured if you really want to buy or read my books you’d take the time to go look up. Its an awesome collection). But poetry is not fiction (unless you’re talking about The Great Gatsby) and the passion and the depth just isn’t there.

NOW however…it’s all changed. Now suddenly the fiction is back and it is back.with a.vengeance. Suddenly, all of the amazing stories that could and can be are.being poured into my head and I’m elated! 

So be ready for some short stories to read. but the real question is…do you want to read them?  Let me know!

Slut Walk


Slut walk….a protest to tell everyone that what a woman wears says nothing about her want or not want of sex. How a woman dresses definetly does not mean that anyone can treat her any different.

When a women wears clothes, they are worn that way because she feels good about herself in those clothes.

We do so many horrible things to women’s self esteem and their body image, I’m amazed anyone wears more than a burka.

Here are a few pictures to show what we tell women:


From the cover of a woman’s magazine…You must have flat abs. Otherwise…you’re not beautiful. What a horrible message.


Another women’s mag cover – You must conform to our beauty standard – leaner and taller. You must transform your body to make sure we like it.

So join a slut walk, or stand up for the right of women everywhere to wear whatever they want and not be judged or raped because of it.