Body Image is a real issue

In this blog I have spoken and wrote about many many issues. From animal abuse to saving our environment.

On my facebook page, I have liked and commented on 1000’s of different issues that need attention from Juvenile Diabetes to saving the Polar Bears and whales.

This issue affects us all…Body image!

How can you help with this…..there are so many ways.

Write letters.

Mentor girls and boys who have body image problems.

Go to your boys and girls club or your local girls inc and begin talking about body image issues. They are so pervasive they create problem after problem.

This video shows how much body image is a focus in advertisement and everywhere else.

Think about how many of our young people have eating disorders because they truly believe they would look better if they were a different size. Who teaches them this…US, the media, tv, magazines, etc.

We need to stop causing our people to hate their own selves and their own bodies.

We must adopt the idea that everyone is beautiful!  Everyone!


This is what a real woman looks like

What does a real woman look like?

Yes, you may say there are women all over the world…that’s what they look like.

On the contrary….

At any moment 1/2 of the woman of the United States hate their body and are on a diet of some sort.

At any moment most of the women in the United States are working out not because they want their body to be tone, not because they like what they’re doing, but instead to make someone or some image in their head like them better.

Whenever a woman looks in a magazine they see a false woman looking at them. The people who have not been educated about photshop, picture retouching, and the other various techniques used to change a photo into the photo in the magazine, will look at that photo and believe that’s really what that woman looks like.

According to an ad agency rep….”Only 1/1000 of all the photos you see in the magazines and TV today are undoctored.  Really?  How sad is that.

We need to do everything we can to show the girls – the little ones who haven’t started hating their bodies yet because of the media onslaught – that they are beautiful, no matter what their genes have said their bodies look like.

So a group of students in response to their college classes decided to make a video about what a real woman looks like. Make sure to read the description of the video before viewing it.

Slut Walk

Slut walk….a protest to tell everyone that what a woman wears says nothing about her want or not want of sex. How a woman dresses definetly does not mean that anyone can treat her any different.

When a women wears clothes, they are worn that way because she feels good about herself in those clothes.

We do so many horrible things to women’s self esteem and their body image, I’m amazed anyone wears more than a burka.

Here are a few pictures to show what we tell women:


From the cover of a woman’s magazine…You must have flat abs. Otherwise…you’re not beautiful. What a horrible message.


Another women’s mag cover – You must conform to our beauty standard – leaner and taller. You must transform your body to make sure we like it.

So join a slut walk, or stand up for the right of women everywhere to wear whatever they want and not be judged or raped because of it.