8 questions with Michelle/Rebecca

These are 8 questions we all ask ourselves multiple times in our life. I wonder how similar the answers really are.
This is how Michelle/Rebecca answered these questions:
1. My name is Michelle! A lot of people call me Rebecca as well.
2. I am 23.
3. I am 5’6″ about 190 or, for those who can’t imagine weight, a little chubby. I have blonde hair that in the back is cut to the base of my neck and the front is about to my shoulders. I have green eyes and a good for my face sized nose. my left eyebrow will never match my right in shape. My lips are natrually a deep pink and I have a lot of freckles.
4. I live in Clearwater Florida
5. I ask this question all the time. I ask myself as well as others and I have not been able to find out why we are here. It seems like humans as a species have destroyed most of the things we have been given; yet in that same sentence a select grouping is able to preserve and inspire others to protect and enjoy what we have been given. Life in animals seems much easier to create a meaning. all animals serve a purpose. Even if you have a fish tank at home they all serve a purpose in your tiny ecosystem. Humans are a little similar in that aspect I guess, there are lots of types of people that have different aggression levels and different ways of finding happiness. We all also have different jobs that help us but I feel like not enough of those jobs concern the whole planets well being.
6. This is also a tough question. I think I am really afraid of what happens after. No one can tell us where they go. even spirits and such are lost here on earth; However I can’t say I believe that everyone goes to just 2 places. I would like to believe in reincarnation. That seems like the best option. Death is something a lot of people fear to the point of stopping them from doing things; that is no longer the case with me. I have seen so many family members regret not doing enough while they were younger or not doing what they wanted to in fear of other peoples concerns. If I want to do something I am going to do it. I will say however this has only been in motion for the past 3 years or so.
7. I am happy because I am very lucky. I have a wonderful husband and amazing fur children. I have also accomplished a lot in my short 23 years. I am a homeowner which makes me extremely proud, I have swam with whale sharks and manta rays, I even have my dream job of working at an aquarium. I am also very happy that I have been able to change my outlook on life and the people around me. Life is an amazing thing and I am glad I am able to cherish it!
8. The message I would like to give to the world is the importance of saving our world. Too many people think that the world is in not danger but in reality there is a trash pile the size of texas floating in our oceans. If our oceans deteriorate our chances deteriorate. Our oceans carry a massive amount of our life forces. We haven’t even discovered everything in our oceans yet! It isn’t just our oceans we need to be concerned about it’s also our rainforests and other land areas that need help. Think of how many animals have gone extinct because their homes were too polluted to live in. A good friend encouraged me that we are not too late to help our planet. It could also make people happy to make new friends in local clean up crews!

8 questions with Edna

These 8 questions are essential questions that we ourselves must ask ourself.

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Here’s how Edna answered these questions.

1. Edna /;)
2. 40
3. overweight blonde with glasses.
4. Florida
5. to learn to care less about your own problems and help out those in need.
6. yes and no. less afraid now because I know my Mom will be there waiting for me.
7. I try to be.
8. don’t just be a watcher go out and do something be of value to the world. You don’t need to have “success” or be successful. You need to be useful or of value .

8 questions with Karen

Thank You Karen for being part of the 8 question project!

I hope you, my dear reader, enjoy Karen’s views and ideas…and maybe learn something as well. 🙂

1. Karen

2. 67

3. five foot two with eyes of blue

4. Sunrise, FL

5. Do good deeds daily and you will be happier

6. No, God is my Father

7. I choose to be.

8. Stopping judging people for what they can’t change and love one another.

8 questions with JRey

Thank you JRey for being part of the 8 question project.

I hope everyone enjoys reading JRey’s viewpoints and ideas!


34 years old

I am a light-skinned, freckled woman with medium length brown/reddish hair. I have a round face that turns red easily when I am hot, embarrassed, or laughing. I have a few extra curves and am starting to be more comfortable with them. I am pretty tall at 5’7” and love to wear heels.

I live in South Florida but was born and raised on Long Island. This information is important because you can take the girl out of Long Island but can’t take the Long Island out of the girl.

Wow, what is the meaning of life? Isn’t this a question we would all like to have an answer to? I think we all have to find our own meaning since there is no confirmed universal answer to this question. I think the meaning of my life is to help others and make a positive impact in my community. I have poured myself into this throughout my work but now have the opportunity to raise a son in the same light. I want him to know that I am here to help him throughout his life. I want him to know that it is a goal of mine to raise a son who will be a positive, productive member of society. I want him to know that it is important to make a difference in the lives of others, even if the act is small. My life is meaningful to me because of these things, therefore is my meaning of life.

I am definitely afraid to die. My husband is not and his perspective is when it is your day, it is your day. I have a very hard time with that perspective since the impact of someone’s passing is so great on their surviving loved ones. Having lost my mother to cancer at the age of 20 (Mom was only 45), I know what it is like to live longing to talk to someone you love and miss every day. My fear is that I will leave someone feeling that loss was too soon. I know we all say someone’s passing is too soon but I want my son and husband to feel like I was there for the big stuff. I am afraid to die and miss all of those occasions for them the way my Mom missed them with me. I am also slightly afraid of the process of dying. I am afraid of the possibility of the process being painful and I am afraid of there possibly being nothing after this life.

I am happy because I have learned I can accomplish anything I set my mind on. I am happy because I have people in my life I love and care for that love and care for me. I am happy because I love my work; it isn’t work, it is who I am. I am happy because I am free to make my own choices. I am happy because I help others. I am happiest in my home with my little family, even when they are driving me crazy!

This is a tough question. There are probably a lot of messages I would like to give the world so narrowing it down to a message or an idea is challenging. If it were one thing I would give the world it would be this… Find yourself and BE your TRUE self!

8 questions with Lindy

Thank you Lindy for sharing your thoughts and aspects of life with us through these 8 questions!



still cute

Tampa. Florida

the pursuit of well being, whether it be social, spiritual, or physical

When I think about my children after I die, I feel sad for them, just as I have have grieved for the loss of many close loved ones, especially my mother and my husband. However, I am no longer afraid to die because I no longer believe there is nothingness after death and that I will immediately enter into another consciousness. I have temporary feelings of happiness.

There are many things that cause me to be happy. In general, I feel just ok, not quite complete, things that have never been yet realized. I can be distracted for awhile. I cry a lot and don’t know why. Then when I’m at the ocean or the mountains and feeling one with nature, I actually experience what I can call happiness.I love my family, love to be with my children, my Grandchild and like to hang out with friends, but I find that’s hard to find happiness in other people.

Iidealistic as I am, I want people’s differences not to cause so much hate.  The older I get, the more nonsensical it seemed for Republicans and Democrats to rage against each other, those with different religions to believe their’s was the only way to God, for homosexuality not to be accepted as just another aspect of their humanness, man against man, take land, persecute the weak…it’s always been our nature, and the more I travel toward my own mortality, the more unbelievable it gets for me.

8 questions with Dianna

Please enjoy Dianna’s response to the 8 questions:


55 yrs old, born March 9th1958.

petite build,blonde hair, green eyes

Largo Florida

I chose to believe we are all entities connected to one source of energy with the purpose and power to manifest health, happiness, love, and everything we desire in our lives. We are all connected with the universe through this spectacular source of energy. The positive vibrations we exude affect all who accept and believe in it, creating a flow in and around our physical being attracting more of the like. This is what I believe to be the true process of pro-creation.

No, I am not afraid to die. I certainly don’t like the idea of leaving my physical body however I don’t believe in death as a finality of our current existence. Entering a higher dimension or perhaps…home is more appealing to me than believing all is lost forever.

I count my blessings every day, naturally, without a conscious effort, being I have so much to be grateful for. I always have so many reasons to smile.

Give the gift of yourself and your heart as often and to as many people feasible every day and we will witness great changes in our world. Kindness and good deeds will always prevail