Sexism in Avenger’s T-shirts

Yes…this is real!

Yes..this is happening all over!

But this isn’t just these t-shirts…no. This is all over the clothing spectrum. We put messages on girls’ shirts that are vastly different than those messages on boys’ shirts. We use different language when speaking about and to boys, and we even propose to boys that they can do things that are never told to girls.

As I have raised my 2 young ladies (both 12) I have seen the ugly head of sexism rear it’s head time and time and time again. There were shirts that said, “I;m pretty” next to boys clothes saying “I’m smart”. There were shirts that said, “I’m mommies little princess” next to “I’m daddies big man” .

(BTW – I’m not going to speak about the violence that exists in the “boys” wear that promotes violence in boys in this post…but it is very prevalent and very horrible. I have spoken about this in the past multiple times!)

But as I read what I just wrote, I know what you’re saying…the “smart” shirt could be for girls as well. You’re right!  The problem is, it’s not sold in the girls section. It’s not even close to the girls section. Also, we have deemed that certain colors are for girls clothes and boys clothes…and if you go to school wearing a different color…you WILL be made fun of. So, if my daughter goes to school in a “heavier cotton” dark blue shirt, she will be told she’s wearing a boys shirt. (This actually happened!)

This is the message that 52% of the population gets: you are not good enough, you need to be saved, and you are dependent.

This is the message 48% of the population gets: you are awesome, you are great, you are a hero, you can get anything you want, you are a protector.

Looking at these two statements…it’s obvious that the 52% population will be dependent on the 48% population, because of being told this for their entire life.

By the way: 52% of our population is female. 48% of our population is male.

It’s not a coincidence that we see women viewing themselves as “less than”…because that is what we have taught them.



Girls powering up

What does a girl want to be when they grow up?

Most people say it’s up to a girl what she wants to be…..does it?

As you know gender equality and anti-gender abuse is one of my pet causes. I don’t like that 52% of our population is seen as less than or is believed to be less than the other 48% of our population…it’s just not right!

So I decided to go around my neighborhood and ask the girls what they wanted to be…so these are girls ages 5-16, let’s see what they had to say:

Most of them said…a mom, a wife, and then there was the normal “girl” answers: vet, doctor, hair stylist, work with animals, soccer player.   Did their 1st answer really mom and wife?  Really?

Then I went to a large toy store and looked at the “girl” toys. What did I see – baby dolls, baby dolls, hair styles, clothes, dress up (princess, vet, hair stylist, animal trainer, flight attendant, doctor). then i looked at the dolls, what did they do? Nothing. they were accessories to men who did things, or they were ga ga over shopping and fashion.

So when I heard about this new toy company called roominate I was amazed!!!!!

Wow!  Here’s  a link to a video about this company:

That’s right, you can build a doll house. BUT…that doll house is completely wired up. you are taught to wire and build the doll house. When you’re done with this you understand engineering stuff.

My dollhouse has working lights.

My doll house has a dog’s head that spins…and oh by the way, I did this by myself. Yeah, it’s easy…just hook up the diodes and wires, but of course you have to make sure it has the right amperage and ohms….what?  did i just hear a real 7 year old girl talk about amperage…yes!!!!  That is the amazing part.

These are not just toys that teach our girls that they can be a mom or a wife, but instead….a engineer.

We need to start showing our daughters that they can be more than an accessory; they can be extraordinary!

They can be a leader!

Materialism – aka Cancer

What is the definition of cancer?

Cancer is an organism that accumulates more than it needs and destroys everything in its path.

Let’s say you buy a shirt. It tears and you throw it away. You buy 10 shirts this time, so you will always have a spare…plus it was a good deal. Did you need 10 shirts…you can justify and say yes, because I will eventually wear 10 shirts. However, if you’re like most people you do laundry once a week. Do you wear 2 of the relatively same shirts every day?  NO!  So now you have more shirts than you need….just in case. Then a new cool shirt comes out. The advertisements say you have to have the t-shirts.  So you go and have to get this shirt as well. For most people, this is normal life.

But multiply this by 5 million people and we get 50 million t-shirts that aren’t needed. These shirts will then be thrown away and 2 shirts equal 1 lb, so that means 25 million pounds of garbage will be placed in our landfills. Wow!  Then these will begin to hurt our earth as we bury them…thereby cutting our own lifeline.

As this video shows us, this is only the beginning.

We must begin reducing our addiction to materialism, or our recycling efforts will never be enough.

In addition to all of this, our consumerism and materialism encourages other countries that do not have our laws to force children, the elderly, and slavery to reach this demand at the “WAlmart” price we accustomed to.

How easy is it to inspire positive change with this issue….teach your kids.  Then teach their school. Then teach your neighbors…offer to take their recyclables and anything they are getting rid of (except legitimate trash) and re purpose, donate, or recycle all of it.

Now, you’re motivating for positive change!

How else can we end this materialism?


Slut Walk

Slut walk….a protest to tell everyone that what a woman wears says nothing about her want or not want of sex. How a woman dresses definetly does not mean that anyone can treat her any different.

When a women wears clothes, they are worn that way because she feels good about herself in those clothes.

We do so many horrible things to women’s self esteem and their body image, I’m amazed anyone wears more than a burka.

Here are a few pictures to show what we tell women:


From the cover of a woman’s magazine…You must have flat abs. Otherwise…you’re not beautiful. What a horrible message.


Another women’s mag cover – You must conform to our beauty standard – leaner and taller. You must transform your body to make sure we like it.

So join a slut walk, or stand up for the right of women everywhere to wear whatever they want and not be judged or raped because of it.