25 things to be happy about

1. You are alive!

No matter what this is an amazing thing. There’s actualy a 1 in 50 million chance that you are born on the day, minute, and hour you were born on – BUT YOU DID IT!!

2. You are part of a family

There are orphans and foster homes chalk full of people who would LOVE to be able to say that!

3. Red and blue make purple, yellow and red make orange, blue and yellow make green, red and white make pink

Celebrate that two unlike things like colors can make something different

4. You can see the colors of #3

30% of all men, and 7% of all women are color blind. If you see color…Hooray!

5. In 2012, there were over 200,000 new websites created specifically to help people.

These websites were grant, charity, and humanitarian associated sites. These were just travel sites or something, but way to actually help your fellow man.

6. 1 million people signed a petition to end the destruction of the earth by fracking.

Fracking is a process of drilling and injecting fluid into the ground at a high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks to release natural gas inside. This destroys the natural building blocks of the earth…it is 100 times worse than just basic drilling!

7. This is a website dedicated to petitions and helping the world become a better place through petitioning.

This website is called change.org. It lists thousands and possibly millions of petitions, and the only rule is that the petition has to help out the world, people, or to do good in general. Check it out.

8. According to a study done by Google, there are more positive website than negative.

In fact, it is a ratio of 3 to 1.ratio.  The porn sites were listed in negative…imagine how much positive there really is on the net.

9. There are buildings all over the world that change their lighting for specific causes.

To name a very few, there is a building in Singapore that changes the colors for specific holidays and national movements such as cancer awareness. There is a building in Tampa that changes their lights to celebrate girls scouts day.

10. You have hands!!!

You have the ability to pick things up un inhibited. Hands and the opposing thumb makes us the superior animals we are.

11. You have legs!

Woop Woop! You have legs to be able to jump, walk, run, crawl, hop, etc, etc. This is an amazing ability…ask anyone who can’t use theirs to find how awesome they really are.

12. You don’t have a disease that is killing you.

 I currently live with or know over 10 people that are dying very swiftly from a disease. As I watch them deteriorate and the doctor visits increase and the hospital visitsd increase. When these things increase, you know they’re dying and you know things are going bad. How wonderful it is for this not to be happening to you!

13. People dress up as superheroes to clean windows of children’s hospitals.

How cool is that.

14. The company “Together we Can change the world” was created by a12 year old.

The theme song: Together we can change the world was also written by a 12 year old. What is her name…look it up. J

15. Humans have created a space ship that has left our solar system.

Voyager 1 is now past what was called Pluto. Let’s see what voyager see…

16. The human race quest for knowledge has pushed the human race farther than war and violence.

There was a recent miniseries on the History channel that depicted the human achievements through war, when in fact anthropologist have found it is the quest for knowledge that has pushed the human race not war.


Mahatma Gandhi was a man who decided to become a better, peaceful, happy, positive person and has gone down in history as an amazingly good person. He single handedly inspired the Indian people to nonviolently take their liberty from England. Plus the amazing advice and quote: Be the change you want to be. As just an example of his great quotes.

18. All religions are based on love, nonviolence, and happiness.

No matter what religious book…every single one of them has happiness, nonviolence, and love as the basis of their viewpoint.  The translation and interpretations obscure this idea, but this si the basis of all religions.

19. We almost have a full cure for AIDS

In 1985…AIDS officially arrived as a horrible disease. Now in 2013…it is almost cured!!!  YAY!

20. There are hundreds of thousands of people working to cure every disease!

21. There are millions of trees that are selfishly producing all of the oxygen we need.

22. All of your organs are doing great!

23. SEX is wonderful and as an adult it is great to be part of it with another person.

24. F.E.E.D is in Target.

A company devoted to feeding the hungry.

25. You have the ability to change the world!!!!  

Yes you do!

5 young kids ask us to end climate change

There’s an old native American quote that says: We do not own this earth, we are simply borrowing it from our children, our grandchildren, our great grand children.

When I look at my children, then I look at the adults around us…I know that they are where we were at one point.

If I could go back in a time machine…what things would I ask the kids of the 1920’s, 30’s, or 40’s to think about, and work to prevent?

How about…don’t drop the bomb and let’s end the nuclear war thing right now?

How about….let’s protect the animals that are going away?

How about….fix the emissions of your cars, reduce the carbon output, oils not the answer?

Now, the kids are doing just that.

In this video they are asking, pleading, praying we do something…..to end climate change, because life on their earth is a lot different than the life on our earth.

10 For 10 Summer Challenge Third DAY

This is the 3rd day of the 10 For 10 summer challenge


So this is the 3rd day. I’ve heard many thank yous for my last 2 posts.

Day 1 – Change.org  -10 petitions signed!

Day 2 – Wrote a post teaching people about meditation…the ripple affects are amazing!

Today is Day 3!!!!!

Today I went simple……because we can.

I took in every person’s trash can in. Today was trash day for most of the people in our neighborhood. I walked down the street and brought every person’s trash can in. Then I begin walking down the next block….and did the same. Soon I had walked a mile bringing in people’s trash can.


The many thank yous that I recieved was amazing.


The most amazing part – As I was doing this on one side of the road, a little boy followed me.  As he watched,  he begin to do the same!

New You Tube Video – Children are Little Time Travelers

This si the description of the video I put on you tube.:

Every adult was once a child. Each adult is a product of the people who raised them. Whether that raising made you a go getter, or made you lazy; our parents helped define who we are and who we have become. Therefore, whenever you are around children-mentor them so that they will create an amazing future. “Children are little time travelers from the future.” What they learn now, they will use to create the future of our world. Be nice and respectful to the children!

This mere fact has always amazed me. One day I was reading the paper and I read that a group of people voted against the government paying for a park in their neighborhood. I then thought about the world that I live in is like it is because of the what the adults created from thoughts and momeories that they created and were taught as children. Right now, I could have a world that has no cigarette smoke hurting my lungs, medical for all people in my country so that I could go to a doctor about my broken ribs and lung diseases, and there would be no people hungry, and all energy was free and created by solar and wind energy  – this is the world I could live in. These were all real bills that were proposed to Congress and the Senate when I was very very young.

I wish I could go back in time and tell them that these are needed so much more than other things are. These would change how my life looks for the better.

No..we can’t do that yet. But, look in the eyes of the children. What type of world would they like to have?  Ask them what kind of world they would like their world to be. You will get a very sobering answer filled with hope, prosperity, a lack of violence, and the ability to live a normal healthy life. So when we do things and we vote, lets keep their world in mind.

How would our world look if the adults when you were a kid voted like this?


Why it’s not good or bad..it just is

An interesting true story:

A man was looking for a daycare for his daughter. He found a great one, and a few days later the day care closed down. He saw this as bad. He enrolled his daughter into a new “home” day care, he loved that day care. He saw this as good. That day care was closed down a year later. He saw this as bad. He put his daughter in yet another day care, and she graduated into kintergarten. The man say this as good. She got into the new school, but there was a really nasty little boy who picked on the girl. The man saw this school as bad. The school also had 2 other kids, the kids of the “home” day care lady. The man didn’t have a feeling about this.


Good and bad are judgements of a situation. A situation is good and bad dependent on how you see it.

A bit of the back story on this little tale (but this wasn’t found out till almost a decade or longer later).

1. The first day care was closed down because of sanitary and conduct reasons. It was listed as a great daycare at the time, but the litigations hadn’t been prosecuted yet.

2. The home day care was run by a lady that would eventually become the man’s wife.

3. If the home day care wasn’t closed down, the man would never have met the woman again.

4. The little boy turned into a very giving gentleman because of the teachings he learned from the little girl and the man.


isWe judge situations as good and bad dependent on how it affects our life. This is a very selfish way of thinking. This way of thinking is created out of the “me” mentality that we often see in our world.

Let’s take this another way:

Let’s say a boy was born and not given a name. The birth certificate would have to be filled out…it’s a requirement of the law. (Why?  Because we as a human culture need things to be named and described otherwise it can not be identified and thereby judged.) But let’s say we circumvent the law and this boy has no name.

What would people call him?





Who knows. It’s would be whatever the people who came upon him would call him. However, no matter what people decided to call him, it would be wrong. Because the boy has no name, therefore he has no label to be called.

Would this nameless boy be a real person…even though nobody would have a name for him?  Would he exist?  Of course he would, we just couldn’t label him as anything. He would just be a boy…no name, no label.

This is the same as all situations. All situations exist in time and space. There is no denying their existence. However, we feel the need to label them as “good”, “bad”, “fun”, “neat”, etc. All labels are based on perspective, your life situation, and how you perceive the future given this moment in time. In reality:

is1Since every moment, just is!  Couldn’t we see the positive in every moment? Couldn’t we see how every moment has the opportunity to make us smile.

See the positive and the happiness in every moment…it’s there, just as the opposite is there. When we see a situation unfold, see it as positive…no matter what it is. WE have been taught to see things in a negative connotation so much, that is our go to answer. The beautiful thing about the brain…we can change that!

So lets start changing this view point.

Let’s start creating positive Change!



April 22, 2013 – Earthday thoughts and inspiration

Happy Earth Day!!!

In the last few days I have cleaned up the beach, cleaned up the road we adopted, increased recycling in my house by 1/2 (pretty good considering there are 3 kids two of which are pre-teens), and wrote a blog about the importance of thrift shops.

This is my tiny little way to contribute to Earth Day 2013…and then I try to speak up and speak out. After this post I plan to post and repost as many Earth Day things on every social network I can. The more we repost and get the idea out there, the more people will do!

Many believe as I do that Earth Day 2013 should be every day of 2013.  I mean it’s our home, it’s the place we live, it’s all we have to live on.

No Earth=No Humans=No US!!

I watch,read, write about, and repost e-mails from 350.org all the time. This is an organization that is doing something to change the current situation into an opportunity for us to regrow and help our earth. If we all stopped doing so many of the things we do on a daily basis, and then increased recycling and lessened carbon pollution..we could do amazing things.

I don’t do these things with 350.org because it’s a way to get my name out there, it’s something fun to do, or I’m bored….It’s because it’s the right thing to do and we all need to be stepping up to the plate and doing something about the state our earth is in.

This is not my planet…this is my kids and grandkids planet. I am just helping it out till they take it over, just like our parents helped it out till we took it over. The Earth is the greatest inheritance we can pass on or receive.

It truly all came to a very big realization why I need to do all of these things a few months ago when I was watching a well dressed gentleman talk about bringing democracy to his country. A documentery was made about him, but it also pointed out another problem he is having with his country. His country is disappearing at an alarming rate – 10/feet per year. If this happened to my state of Florida…the beach would be gone in 3 years, the gulf would take over the “beach front” hotels in 4, and when my daughters graduate in 6 years, the intercoastal and the gulf would almost be the same water.  This man is the president of The Maldives, and this is happening right now.  The current data is saying that this process is increasing, and he is looking for ways to save his people and their livelihood.

Wait…why aren’t we all doing this?  Because it’s not affecting us right now?

When i was a kid of about 5-7 years old, I wanted to live on a little speck of land at the bottom of the Bahama chain of islands. I had researched it, got books about it, drew myself there…it was “the plan”. Life happened and I grew up, but the little island was always a dream in the back of my head. About a year ago, I came across something I wrote about that little island…IT’S GONE!

Covered by the ocean!!!  Covered!

This is reality, and I know many people who are dealing with this right now!

Our planet is bombarded with so many pollutants and garbage so that humanity can gain another foothold into the race of existence and prosperity all under the guise of “success”. We have to re-evaluate!

More and more oil destroying land, ecosystems, animals , and irreversibly destroying the planet in numerous ways (50 oil spills in 30 days totaling 1 billion gallons of oil all over the world)   all to propel archaic gas powered vehicles and to make plastics that make our lives more lazy.

Sand…it makes glass. I don’t need my stuff in plastic, sand can be used and then I’ll wash the glass out. Imagine how much plastic is produced…and it’s all destroying our planet.

Think about this on today..Earth Day 2013…and do somethign to change these atrocities!

Remember – you don’t have to think about or do anything about climate change, but it IS happening and it IS affecting you.





Serenity, peace, happiness….all possible.

Is serenity, peace, and happiness possible….I suggest yes.