Why it’s not good or bad..it just is

An interesting true story:

A man was looking for a daycare for his daughter. He found a great one, and a few days later the day care closed down. He saw this as bad. He enrolled his daughter into a new “home” day care, he loved that day care. He saw this as good. That day care was closed down a year later. He saw this as bad. He put his daughter in yet another day care, and she graduated into kintergarten. The man say this as good. She got into the new school, but there was a really nasty little boy who picked on the girl. The man saw this school as bad. The school also had 2 other kids, the kids of the “home” day care lady. The man didn’t have a feeling about this.


Good and bad are judgements of a situation. A situation is good and bad dependent on how you see it.

A bit of the back story on this little tale (but this wasn’t found out till almost a decade or longer later).

1. The first day care was closed down because of sanitary and conduct reasons. It was listed as a great daycare at the time, but the litigations hadn’t been prosecuted yet.

2. The home day care was run by a lady that would eventually become the man’s wife.

3. If the home day care wasn’t closed down, the man would never have met the woman again.

4. The little boy turned into a very giving gentleman because of the teachings he learned from the little girl and the man.


isWe judge situations as good and bad dependent on how it affects our life. This is a very selfish way of thinking. This way of thinking is created out of the “me” mentality that we often see in our world.

Let’s take this another way:

Let’s say a boy was born and not given a name. The birth certificate would have to be filled out…it’s a requirement of the law. (Why?  Because we as a human culture need things to be named and described otherwise it can not be identified and thereby judged.) But let’s say we circumvent the law and this boy has no name.

What would people call him?





Who knows. It’s would be whatever the people who came upon him would call him. However, no matter what people decided to call him, it would be wrong. Because the boy has no name, therefore he has no label to be called.

Would this nameless boy be a real person…even though nobody would have a name for him?  Would he exist?  Of course he would, we just couldn’t label him as anything. He would just be a boy…no name, no label.

This is the same as all situations. All situations exist in time and space. There is no denying their existence. However, we feel the need to label them as “good”, “bad”, “fun”, “neat”, etc. All labels are based on perspective, your life situation, and how you perceive the future given this moment in time. In reality:

is1Since every moment, just is!  Couldn’t we see the positive in every moment? Couldn’t we see how every moment has the opportunity to make us smile.

See the positive and the happiness in every moment…it’s there, just as the opposite is there. When we see a situation unfold, see it as positive…no matter what it is. WE have been taught to see things in a negative connotation so much, that is our go to answer. The beautiful thing about the brain…we can change that!

So lets start changing this view point.

Let’s start creating positive Change!



Is your city on this list?

11 cities

11 cities commit to divest from Fossil Fuels.

Those cities are:

Madison, Wisconsin

San Fransisco, CA

Seattle, WA

Boulder, CO

Berkley, CA

Ithaca, NY

Bayfield, WI

State College, PA

Richmond, Ca

Eugene, OR

Santa Fe, NM

Is you city on the list?

If not, go to 350.0rg to find out how you can start a campaign to get your city on this list!

What is divesting from fossil fuels?

It’s the opposite of investing in fossil fuels. These cities no longer put any focus on fossil fuels at all. They are eliminating plastic bags, they are creating a full recycling program. They are encouraging their citizens to use more public transportation. Actually, many of these cities have gone to completely electric public transportation. The electricity comes from non-fossil fuel sources. They are working towards a completely green environment. And this si jsut the beginning!

You and your city could be part of this….let’s do this now!

April 22, 2013 – Earthday thoughts and inspiration

Happy Earth Day!!!

In the last few days I have cleaned up the beach, cleaned up the road we adopted, increased recycling in my house by 1/2 (pretty good considering there are 3 kids two of which are pre-teens), and wrote a blog about the importance of thrift shops.

This is my tiny little way to contribute to Earth Day 2013…and then I try to speak up and speak out. After this post I plan to post and repost as many Earth Day things on every social network I can. The more we repost and get the idea out there, the more people will do!

Many believe as I do that Earth Day 2013 should be every day of 2013.  I mean it’s our home, it’s the place we live, it’s all we have to live on.

No Earth=No Humans=No US!!

I watch,read, write about, and repost e-mails from 350.org all the time. This is an organization that is doing something to change the current situation into an opportunity for us to regrow and help our earth. If we all stopped doing so many of the things we do on a daily basis, and then increased recycling and lessened carbon pollution..we could do amazing things.

I don’t do these things with 350.org because it’s a way to get my name out there, it’s something fun to do, or I’m bored….It’s because it’s the right thing to do and we all need to be stepping up to the plate and doing something about the state our earth is in.

This is not my planet…this is my kids and grandkids planet. I am just helping it out till they take it over, just like our parents helped it out till we took it over. The Earth is the greatest inheritance we can pass on or receive.

It truly all came to a very big realization why I need to do all of these things a few months ago when I was watching a well dressed gentleman talk about bringing democracy to his country. A documentery was made about him, but it also pointed out another problem he is having with his country. His country is disappearing at an alarming rate – 10/feet per year. If this happened to my state of Florida…the beach would be gone in 3 years, the gulf would take over the “beach front” hotels in 4, and when my daughters graduate in 6 years, the intercoastal and the gulf would almost be the same water.  This man is the president of The Maldives, and this is happening right now.  The current data is saying that this process is increasing, and he is looking for ways to save his people and their livelihood.

Wait…why aren’t we all doing this?  Because it’s not affecting us right now?

When i was a kid of about 5-7 years old, I wanted to live on a little speck of land at the bottom of the Bahama chain of islands. I had researched it, got books about it, drew myself there…it was “the plan”. Life happened and I grew up, but the little island was always a dream in the back of my head. About a year ago, I came across something I wrote about that little island…IT’S GONE!

Covered by the ocean!!!  Covered!

This is reality, and I know many people who are dealing with this right now!

Our planet is bombarded with so many pollutants and garbage so that humanity can gain another foothold into the race of existence and prosperity all under the guise of “success”. We have to re-evaluate!

More and more oil destroying land, ecosystems, animals , and irreversibly destroying the planet in numerous ways (50 oil spills in 30 days totaling 1 billion gallons of oil all over the world)   all to propel archaic gas powered vehicles and to make plastics that make our lives more lazy.

Sand…it makes glass. I don’t need my stuff in plastic, sand can be used and then I’ll wash the glass out. Imagine how much plastic is produced…and it’s all destroying our planet.

Think about this on today..Earth Day 2013…and do somethign to change these atrocities!

Remember – you don’t have to think about or do anything about climate change, but it IS happening and it IS affecting you.





10 ways to save the planet


Came across a poster.

Thought it should be posted in as many places I could post it.

I decided this was an awesome place to post it.

It has so many great ideas….a blog post could be every number.

Read the list…tell me which one’s you do.


I’ll start – I just did number 10 – set an example for others.

Feb 12 – 3 days till Valentines day

Wow…days are going by fast.

I’m so thankful that I have the ability to go out and speak about peopel changing the world everyday…then I get to write about people changing the world. I’m thankful I get to give ideas to people to change the world.

Through motivatingforpositivechange.com, I’m able to be hired and connect to so many different people from aroudn the world…it suddenly occurred to me:

We can all connected to everyone around the world.

If you’re reading this…you’re on the internet. If you like 87% of the adults in the U.S. you have a facebook account, and if you are reading this it is pretty likely you have a blog out there. That means we have 3 different ways to show positivity, or what people call love, to millions of people.

So here’s our 3 days before valentines day assignment:

Step 1: Write a message of love to all people.  Just a general note.

Step 2: Put it as your facebook status and start it: To all of my facebook friends (BTW my facebook is motivating positive change)

Step 3: Do the same thing with your Blog and start it: To all of my followers and those who are reading this (something like that)

Step 4: Smile and know that you have celebrated love with all of your extended internet friends.

What kind of awesome positive responses did you get?

February 11th – 4 more days to Valentines Day


“So what if it’s Valentines day?”

This was a statement I heard someone say as I strolled down the street.

When it’s Holloween…it’s oooh, creepy ghosts and skeletons – BOO!

When it’s Christmas – it’s be of good cheer, smiles, santa, giving and gifts – Happy X-mas.

Valentines…nick named V-day to coincide with Venereal disease. How sad is that. All of the other holidays…every single one…is based on a pagan belief and celebration, that was then converted over time, and then adopted by a relegious group (this is the reason why we have so many pagan mixed with christian symbolism in our holidays. Ex: Easter bunny to celebrate Jesus rising from the grave.   Santa and decorating a tree to celebrate the birth of Jesus.) Valentines is the one day that is about what it has been about since the inception of the day.

Even the religious create it to be about the same thing as the nonrelegious do. The whole holiday is about:


Love, the energy that connects us all.

Love, the emotion that causes people to overcome all bonds.

Love, the driving force behind all good deeds, thankfulness, positivity, compassion, and greatness.

What a great thing to celebrate.

In name of Valentines day coming up….show love to 10 people today. (Not sex!)

How do you show love:

-Help someone today.

-Be outwardly kind to someone today.

– Random acts of kindness.

-Smile and wish someone a good day.

-Be exuberant and let that happiness flow to all.

-Sit in meditation for 1 hour sending as much positive energy and happiness to everyone.

-Tell someone you love them.

-Thank someone for doing the job they are doing.

-Thank a volunteerpooh.

These are mere examples of how to show love. Please let me know what you do and what happened.

Remember – show 10 people love today!

Chad Herman Motivatingforpositivechange.com

Stop living in the past…change the future


This article is amazing:


In the 1400’s long hair was a status that said you were royalty and had the ability to take care of such hair.  It was considered a men’s fashion…and the longer your hair, the more radiant you were. In the 1500’s a woman with short hair was considered a great workers, an awesome wife, and an amazing woman because with all the work the women did to take care of the household…long flowing hair would be quite cumbersome and dangerous. In the 1700’s, wigs of great shape were considered the mark of a well distinguished man. In the 17-1800’s, skirts were men’s fashion. In fact, look at a lot fo the French and English rulers of the day, they had paintings of them wearing skirts or pantaloons that looked A LOT like skirts!

This makes a great point about gender, but it also makes a great point in so many other areas. We do things because it’s “normal”, then we are against the things that aren’t “normal”. Well wasn’t everything we see as “normal” once considered “not normal” or “wrong”?  Most of the things that the US has created as “normal” and “good” and “right” and “society” is based on theories created in the 1930-1950’s and before. Why are we still on this standard?  Why are we still teaching our children these archaic rules and biases?

Are you still using a 1950’s phone?

Are you using a computer?

Can you have a conversation with someone face to face 1000’s of miles away?

Can you cross the Atlantic ocean in 4-6 hours?

Can you play Angry Birds on your smart phone(if you had a smart phone)?

Did you get inoculated for your childhood diseases, including polio?

Are you sending e-mails?

Are you using microwave ovens?

Are you downloading music?

Are you working in an industry that didn’t exist pre-1950?

I stood on a street that has a plaque on it which reads: “This is Central Avenue. During Jim Crow, the North Side was the white side and the South side was the black side. Segregation separated the road and the country.” I leaned against this sign and watched as a black congressman, a Chinese mayor, and a hispanic city council member travelled down waving at the sea of multi-colored faces. This is our reality…right now mixed with the reality of before.

We have moved forward in so many aspects of life except the things we consider normal. We must change this…and you are responsible for doing it!

End the idea that we must conform to what is considered normal.

End the idea that violence in any form is acceptable.

End the idea that climate change is not real.

Motivate for the positive change of the world

Create positive change…every day.

If we all did 1 thing

I sat on my front porch and listened to the kids play. Unfortunately, it was playing they were doing. They were teasing. We’ve all been victim of teasing…and it always sucks. I decided that this was an oportunity to change things…but when I got up, suddenly something amazing happened. A child stopped everyone from teasing. They started pointing out the positive qualities of the child. Then they asked if the others could see positive qualities about the child. Then she pointed out the problems the other kids have…and the fact that everyone plays with peopel who have problems. Then playing resumed.

Wow!  That one child, did 1 thing…and changed everything. Did that child transform the other kids…..obviously. The kids are playing together to this day, and the teasing hasn’t began again.

I went out to give kudos to the child, whomever they were, and there standing amongst the neghborhood kids was my daughter. Wow, I guess I’ve reached one.

What if we as adults all did one thing?

If we all did 1 thing to help others everyday – an amazing transformation would take place.

If we all helped people be happier – an amazing transformation would take place.

If we all decided to help change the world – an amazing transformation would take place.

If we all chose one thing to change in our society – an amazing transformation would take place.

If we all chose to promote nonviolence – an amazing transformation would take place.

If we all chose to end relationship violence – an amazing transformation would take place.

If we all chose to stand up and speak out on domestic violence – an amazing transformation would take place.


Please help transform our world!


”This world doesn’t make sense”

Work to make people aware of those who have this syndrome

If you have a child..raise your hand.

No doubt more than one of you are raising your hand.  When you’re a parent, or even a guardian or a big sibling, you expect certain things from kids and how they act and react.

What happens when none of the parenting works?

What happens when the only thing you can think of is physical harm?  (Oh, I know…many parents are saying..NOOOO DON’T…and then some are saying “that’s right”).

Here’s a small clip into a little boys world. He was born and his life was great up till 5.  Suddenly, at  5 everything changed. The things that use to be done for him, he was now told he had to do. This had never happened before, how could he do it, how could he manage to do any of these things. These were adult things; he had seen adults do them.  How was he supposed to be able to do them.

Every day was hard. 10 days after his birthday he just couldn’t handle it anymore and he cried. He cried for 2 days…nothing would change it. Suddenly, he saw a movie that changed everything. But he wanted to watch this movie again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again (I know you’re like…I get the point, but you don’t if there aren’t 30 more “again’s)

Then came 6. I remember the fateful blood curdling scream 2 months into that year: I HATE 6!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why?  Because he had to learn to make his bed and tie his shoes. He was also asked to…WRITE!

Writing…a fate worse than death. Writing his letters 10 times took 20 minutes each. First there was the crying, the throwing, the fits, the anger, the slamming, the tearing, the breaking pencils, and then…letter B. When he found out there were upper and lower case I thought he was going to have a heart attack.

People are strangers and will always be strangers. There are 2 types of people, friends and family and them. Now at 9, he has 1 friend, but he is often asked to leave because he won’t do the exact thing he is suppose to. Parallel play and playing the same thing again and again is expected. Why doesn’t anyone want to ride their bike around the block 100 times?

Food can’t touch on the plate.

Darkness hurts when it touches and so does certain fabrics.

There is air in your eyes that has to be let go.

I HAVE to do things, and if I can’t…my mind explodes and I yell until I can do them! I just can’t control it!

Welcome to Asperger’s syndrome!

So many people look at these kids and write them off with a “What a bad kid. Control your kid.”

Nobody pays attention that this is a form of autism…it’s actually called high functioning autism. For those who have it, this world makes no sense to them. For those that have it, it’s an up kill battle involving consequences, rules that are always changing, and patterns that are attempted to be kept but others break them all the time. It’s a world of ear piercing sounds that nobody else is bothered by, fabric that feels like it is cutting your skin open, and veins that are burning. These aren’t make believe, this is real.

How do you tell them that their brain is wrong?

You don’t…you educate and help. Asperger kids look and act relatively normal until you’re around them for a minute, and then everything goes crazy. They do thing you don’t understand and how our society tells us kids aren’t supposed to act. People believe they are doing things for attention, constantly lying, and just wanting to piss adults off. In fact, they are just trying to make sense of the world around them amidst people who don’t understand them.

This leads to abuse, destruction, and that turns into anger towards them and from them. After enough torture, pain and abuse are normal…and ager is all they know. They are created to be a problem because they were misunderstood. In fact, our jails are clogged with undiagnosed aspergers, diagnosed and misunderstood, and those that have just been abused into the reality that fighting is the way of life.

Help them!

Write about it.

Read about it.

Volunteer and just be with them…because so many won’t take the time (even their own parents).  These kids are often treated like the bad dog that nobody wants. They are mazing people, with awesome talents and ideas that just have to be found and shown to them.  There are so many opportunities in this area to raise awareness for them, for the bullying that is being perpetrated against them, the child abuse against them, and begin paving the road for all families to find answers and the way to a greater and better way of life for these families and these kids.

Educate yourself.

Become aware.

Do something and change the world!

What other challenges do kids with aspergers have?  Have you ever known anyone with it?

How do you make a difference in the world – Stand up!

To truly understand this amazing video imagine this for a moment:

You are born into a world where it is overtly obvious that you are a second class citizen in the eyes of everyone around you and especially your country. Also, you realize that you are a second class citizen because of your gender…that one little chromosome that makes you male or female. That one little leg of the chromosome and BAM you are less than the males.

Now imagine that you watch all of the adult women in your world lament about their lack of education..in very very hushed words. You have dreams and hopes that you know other people are allowed to have…but you aren’t allowed those dreams and hopes because of who you were born as.

Then you found out that you were going to be one of the lucky few that was able to be educated…not as much as the boys, but educated nonetheless. The more education you got, the more people around you got angry. The government tried to stop the annoyance around your city…but it was glaringly obvious that because of your gender and the fact you were getting an education, you were looked down upon.

Now add the fact that multiple countries were occupying your country and you saw military jeeps, tanks, and listened to gunshots ring in the air as you walked onto the bus, went to school, learned your lessons, and came home. You could feel your house shake from the bombs sometimes. Because of your education and your parents, you knew that the war was for civil rights. If they won the war, you were able to keep doing what you were doing. If they lost the war, you would become a captive who has no rights except what the males tell you to do.

In school you write a paper about the rights of girls and women. It gets publisher and it becomes a world wide phenomenon. You get awards and lots and lots of praise. You are standing up for whats right.

On your bus that morning, men board your bus and the last thing you remember is a flash…..you just got shot in the head for standing up against what was glaringly and obviously wrong!

This is Malala’s story, and now that she is healing…she is keeping up the fight.

This is the story of all of us. This si the story of how to fight against a cause that you feel that strongly for.

This is a story of pure good…and how we all have it in us.

So, how do you change the world…by taking a stand against what’s wrong in the world.

As Ghandi said: I alone will do right, even though everyone is doing wrong.

What will you stand up for?