If these students can do this, imagine what we can do!

Look at what these awesome students at the YMCA Meadowlawn Middle School are doing to prevent bullying, violence, and teen dating violence.



If they can do this…we can at least do what they are doing!

Artist George E. Miller II Artist & advocate

I walked into a conference a few years ago hoping that I would learn something that I could use in creating my motivational speeches.

(On a side note – See, when I create speeches for people…I try to tailor it to them, and also I try to add different things in each one so that you may hear something now in one way, but an example or an illustration will give you the same idea in a way that will be more palatable to the brain….similar to this wonderful artist on this page..incidentally.)

The conference was the conference of Abuse, Neglect and Dependency (Three words that plague our society. Three words that could use so much help trying to prevent. If someone truly wants to help change and save the world…these areas are definitely areas that are in great need. They link to so many other crimes in later life, and in later situations if either of the three are allowed to go on past the birth of a child or in a child’s home!)

The first thing I saw when I walked in to the lobby was a number of portraits, paintings, and lithographs of multicultural people celebrating their similarities and differences.

Then I realized

There are words in that picture.

That’s right.  This art was a message in many many ways.

That is the magic of George E. Miller III work. It defies art to be less than all that it could be.

Not only does his canvas speak to you in color, artist stroke, creativity, and composition…the subject matter itself inspires us to see the world in a new way. It inspires us to see a world where there are no racial borders, there are no country borders, there is only one rich stew of cultures and people. This stew is not something to balk at, but instead it is something to revere and celebrate.

Then there are the words…

This creates a dimension all on its own. A fold in a sleeve spells hope on a child with a bruise on its eye. A hand is slightly discolored and reads “READ” as a group of children enjoy a book. A cloud thanks god and a sky tells us to believe in the ability of peace…yet, only in the word of peace drawn out through sun rays.

George’s art is in a class of its own.

If you have not followed any of the links that you have passed thus far, please click here and look at all of the art in its splendor and think about displaying it proudly as a statement of your view that the world can be a better, more peaceful world away from neglect, abuse, and abandonment.

Yet…on another note. Let us lift up George for doing exactly what I ask every person I meet, talk to, or come across to do. George is an artist. His talent is obvious, and his art speaks for itself (Yet, I’ve done a lot of speaking for it.)

He took his talent, his ability and put it to the use of changing the world. Not only changing the world, but making it a better place.

What can you do that can help change the world for the better?

How can you promote the cessation of violence, negativity, and destruction?

Believe you can make a difference!!!





There is a museum in Indianapolis, IN that showcases students changing the world and making not only a difference in their community, but in communities all around. Some of these kids have done things to help out their local homeless population, others have helped out tribes in Africa.

Every leaf in this picture represents someone student who has done something amazing.

What are you doing to help people in the world?

What can you do?

Burts bees earth day comment

Sometimes there comes a video that brings it altogether.

This video has brought it altogether for me. The natural world has given, lent, and been depleted by the human community….let us stop and remember all that it has done!

This musical tribute allows us to be happy that nature is there, and be refreshed with how awesome nature really is!

What did you do for earth day?


Random act of kindness…#2

2. Pay for the person behind you on a toll road or parking garage.

Most of the time these toll roads are maybe a quarter or fifty cents. If you just tell the guy you’re paying for the next person…they do it.

I was fortunate enough to come upon this piece of kindness. And it so happened that when I got to the booth after creating a story for why I had no change, the guy nicely waved me through and said the guy ahead of me paid for me. What a relief and how warm and bubbly I felt. To think, this guy helped me, a perfect stranger, on a day I needed it.

I’ve actually dropped a $5 bill on a quarter toll and told him to pay for everyone till the money ran out. I asked him to text me or call me when it ran out and how many people it turned out to be. When he called me he was so happy…he was bubbling out all of the happy remarks and guu faws that he was able to see that day. He thanked me for making his day and a lot of other people’s’.

Kids and a volunteer vacation


When you want to take the kids on vacation what do you want to do?

Do you want to show them the world?
Do you want to have fun?

Do you want to have a good family fun time?
Of course you want to do all three! – that’s the goal of all vacations.

What if there was a vacation that you could teach

good moral values

a sense of belonging to the world

a dedication to bettering others

and charity?

How about a vacation that shows the kids that the people around the world have a lot more in common than not?

How about a vacation that teaches them how truly good they have it, and how much good they can do in th world?

What about a vacation that will show them that they themselves can do something to change the world and make the world a better place.

Now that would be a vacation!  That would be one of those, “Wow, mom and Dad…you’re so cool. ” types of vacations.

That would be one of those I’m so glad we went and they’re still talking about 5 years later type of vacations

This is a volunteer vacation!  A vacation where you go somewhere else and actually volunteer and help someone.  What an awesome opportunity for everyone in the family.

Check out the article – Try a volunteer vacation for more information on this.

This is the type of vacation that will keep on giving for the rest of their lives and will challenge them to motivate for positive change for the rest of their life.

Wow!  Parent of the year award anyone?

Have you ever done anythign like this with your family before?