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Chad Herman and his company Motivating for Positive change


Chad Herman’s entire goal is to motivate and inspire people to change the world!

Chad Herman (visionary and Motivational Speaker) favorite quote: “If you don’t think you can change the world, then you need to change your mind.”

The Blog: You’re already on the blog….so check out the other stories that have been written on this blog. There is a lot of information and awesome ways YOU can create positive change! Chad Herman writes the blog in order to inspire and motivate people to take up a cause or create positive change in some way!!

The Website:  :    Check out the website. Remember, Chad Herman can be hired by anyone, any group or organization, and any company to come speak to them.  Chad Herman can show, inspire, and motivate anyone to get out there do something to change this world for the better and truly believe they are someone who can do just that! He can motivate people to believe in themselves and the power they have inside to do great things that will create positive change…even if it’s just believing in yourself and being more happy.

Through humor, personal experiences, and a high energy dynamic personality; Chad can show anyone how they can do more than just be upset about the state of the world and their community – They can Change the World! When they are done listening to him, they not only know they can Change the World…but they are motivated to get up and go do it!

You’ll find Chad’s pricing is reasonable and will work for all budgets.

What does the price include:

  • 1-2 hr Presentation tailor made to your group or audience
  • Leadership/motivational/inspirational class if requested
  • travel (and lodging depending on location)to and from venue
  • multimedia presentation including video, music(guaranteed), and high energy powerpoints (if needed)
  • Showcase of your group on the blog and facebook about the awesome things your group is doing
  • Continued posts about your group as you send it to him.
  • Emcee and motivational promotions while at the venue


The Facebook page: Motivating For Positive Change – Go like the The motivating for positive change facebook page. The facebook page is another way to motivate and inspire peopel to change the world, and is an extension of his speeches, books, and events. This is a venue where you can connect direct with Chad and his vision of a less violent, happier, and more positive world!

The book store: Chad’s books: Buy them or download them today: Chad’s multiple books are another extension of his goal of motivating and inspiring peopel to change the world. This book store is also a venue to showcase Chad’s writing: poetry, prose, short stories, blog compilations, and Motivational Books. Chad is a prolific writer and has been earning awards for his writing since he was 10. Chad’s writing graces the internet is various places, Voyager II spacecraft, the Indianapolis Airport, Literary magazines, webzines, and multiple blogs and websites.  When you buy Chad’s books you not only get a great book with great and inspiring writing, but you also help Chad achieve his vision of a more awesome, positive, and nonviolent world!

The Youtube Channel: Experience Chad Herman’s presentations like you were in the audience.  Chad’s youtube channel is a channel unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Just like being in front of Chad at a presentation is an experience in itself, watching chad on youtube is just the same. As one viewer said, “it’s the most motivational 3 minutes that I’ve ever seen. In fact, even my 4 year old stopped long enough to watch you [Chad].” The channel is always being updated and always being added to. Check out the past videos, and watch for the new ones.

Chad gives you so many ways to become motivated and inspired to change the world….check them out and begin today!




This way, some people that way, some people go in both directions


One of my favorite parts of the Wizard of Oz, was when Dorothy meets the scarecrow. If you were to collect all the things the scarecrow says we would have a cool book of amazing quotations that say so so much…but thats a different post.

This idea of “which way do we go” plagues us all. What is the right job? What is the right direction? What is my path? What is my way? Or the right things to do? What are the wrong things to do? How do I get to where I want to be? How do I know that where I wanna be is really where I should be? People ask these questions on a daily basis.

Steve Covey’s famous book: 7 habits of highly effective people states that you have to begin with the end in mind. That means that you have to start creating whatever future you want today. That’s when the book he goes on to explain how to create mission statements, intention statements, and really ask you to decide how you’re going to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

The obvious question is how do you know where you want to be?

If you look at that one question you’ll see a very very large problem. The whole question is littered with the word “you.” If you look at the ideas of direction it usually involves just “you”. If you focus on just yourself how are you going to get the world to help you become and do what you want to be and do? We live in a world that is completely and utterly interconnected. This is just a very simple fact. Therefore, if you’re going to go about following directions on a path that only involves you, you forget all the other people that are constantly crossing your path that sincerely wanting to help you. In fact, it is entirely possible that these people have been put in your path in order to help you.

Anywhere we go we have to take other people into consideration. When we create the world we want to live in, we are creating a world that exists side by side with the other billions of people in the world.

So instead of thinking about where you are going, think instead about how you want the whole world to be and how you fit in the entire world. Build on your talents. Build on your love’s. Build on your belief that what you truly want to do is really what you are able to do. Build on everything that you do well. Most importantly, think of how your path intersects and is interconnected with everybody else’s path. When you go out to create your life, you’re working on influencing and helping everyone else’s life because you are in it.

An elevator (Enjoy your floor Mj)


I pushed the down button and waited for the next car.

At that moment I had to take a phone call. I watched people get on and get off the elevator dozens of times. Then I had sort of an ephiany:

All of these people geting on the elevator were existing in my 2nd floor world. They would exist, walk, talk everything…existing on this 2nd floor world. When it was their time to go, they walked over to the elevator and left. I never spoke to them.again. Standing on the 2nd floor I known the smells of the hospital, the looks the walls, the look of everything on only the second floor. This is my limited perspective.

When these people would leave for the second floor they had all sorts of experiences in their 1sr floor world. They did so many things that I dont evenen know, I would never know…for all intents and purposes to me they were gone.

In reality, the 1st floor world has a gift shop, the cafeteria, the emergency room, and the amazing outside with all of natyre. Pretty amazing if you lived on that floor. But what is really going on is that most of us are truly sitting on the second floor.  We accept that this is our reality and that theres nothing else but the 2nd floor..but what about the bottom floor?

Yes…what about it? This is where life truly happens. This is where you can breathe the air, hike, run, jump, drive, and have the greatest time in the world!

And someone on the.2nd floor wouldnt know anything about it. In fact-all they would know is that the people took the elevator.

This is my very simple view on death. The process of death is merely an elevator to another floor where there’s so much amazing awesomeness that nobody wants to come back!!

What do you think?

To and for my dear life partner MJ who now has an end date: 5\28/64-10/2/13. Always my locr!

Chad Herman Motivational Speaker


Do you need a team building day?

Do you need customer realtionship training rather than customer service training?

Do you need someone to talk to your group about respect, nonviolence, or.anti bullying?

Do you need a dynamic high energy motivational speaker?


Chad herman is just what youre looking for.

– high energy
– Motivational
– educational
– visionary
– amazing

“I cant believe what he has done to my staff. Its like he has opened our eyes to a whole new way of.treating eachother!” – Roxanne Jay director of education YMCA sincoast

Spots are filling up fast…call




Chad’s website!

We can change the world…just by treating eveeyone a lot better!

The difference a day makes

When I was a kid there was a commercial that had the old song: What a difference a day makes. It was a commercial for a suit company. They showed you men in work or play clothes and then showes them in suits. This commercial has always stuck wirh me bwcause of how simple the concept is, but how truly profound as well.

1 day can change so much. 1 day is the difference between a degree and no degree. 1 day is a difference between a baby and being pregnant. 1 day has the ability to make a huge difference!


On those rainy days, dreary days, blue days when the bad keeps coming your way think “what a difference a day makes”. When things keep happening one after another trying your patience and your stress is at a all time low, and all you can say is “its just one of those.days” -it will get better. When all you think is you shouldn’t have got up today…try this:

1. Take a deep breath and smile!
2. Look for the positive…(theres always positive. youre alive is #1. Youre not in the hospital is #2. and so on and so on)
3. Remember…this is only today…the sunshine in your life will be back.


Soon it will be bright again. Soon youll be able to see through the rain drops and celebrate the day thats before you. It cant be negative all the time and happiness and positivity is just around the corner?

What things do you do that you could share to make yourself happy so we can all learn?

kids? really?

There are days I watch my kids with a quanderment. Theyve lived their whole life with me. Theyve been volunteering with me. Theyve benn to nonviolence and peace rallies. They understand respect and speak out on negativity and gender equality.

Then they do things and I ask.myself why!

Why did you take your brother’s snorkle.from him and hit him in the head?

Why did you lock your sister out of the house?

Why didnt you fold the clothes on the couch that youre now sitting on.

Why did you balance the dish on top of the sink full of dishes? Why not do them?

Why didnt you pick up the paper in the hall when you walked over it?

Your mom told you you could, why ask me?

Then all the sudden they are talking about genders. Boys do this girls do this boy’s do that girls do that and I’ve talked to them continuously about gender equality and girls can do anything boys can do.

How is the bed do you live with me for all these years and still the fight easy ideas still come in? Because in the end it is up to the general person. We have a choice and that’s what it all comes down to. We choose to be happy we choose who we are we choose everything off every aspect of our life. Kids are no different.

You know you shouldn’t eat that chocolate cake at 1 a.m.. You know who you shouldn’t speak to your spouse like that its rude. You know you shouldn’t be past the stop sign or run the red light but hey you’re in a hurry. The motivational speaker or training that you saw at your job told you the right and wrong things to do. No matter how great the message was the things your friends, your culture, your society says to do you still do unless you choose not to.

So back to my kids. Why are they doing all these things to hurt people hurt each other put the earth and everything I’ve taught them against because just like you they will culture and friends before they’ll listen to the teachings of culture and friends before they’ll listen to the teachings of a motivational speaker they call dad.

Amazing moments

When you come across something..belief in it or not, you still have to take notice and wonder what it means that this is in your path. Here are a few examples.


Cross? Why did the water dry as a cross?


Looking through the cracks of a bench.


Be happy!


Really…i gues I.should read these


Find tranquility now