I, human…we’re all connected

I was waking around asking people if they wanted to be part of the 8 question project,.and as usual I’m looked at funny and treated oddly. However, this time I found myself noticing some odd things and these spawned my thoughts here:

Ppeople want to stay in their own little pla#ce, they want to stay their own little worl-;d carrying on in their own little way. What happens when someone interrupts that moment or reality. This is what I got to witness today.

When you’re walking to a store from your car you have a prearranged plan of what you are going to do. It usually sounds something like this:

I’m going to GMax, then the dollar store, and then I have to get toilet paper, etc, etc….

So when someone interrupts this inner monologue and prescribed plan the person reacts one of three ways.

1. Fear. You get scared of someone coming at.you. Interesting enough, fear is taught to us. So who taught you to fear strangers? Mom, Dad, aunt, granny, teachers, or maybe lifetime movies. Regardless, you were taught to fear and your actions are only slightly your fault.  They will lash out, scream, or try to hurt you. This happened to me three times today.

2. Concerned. They are not scared of strangers, but they don’t know why people are the way.they are. They often become angry and are just generally put out. I was called a pervert, a sicko, and she alerted the entire store that I was out there.

3. Happy/courteous. These people are neat but most of the time they won’t answer the questions either.

Interupting people in their busy life is dfficult because you are interrupting their life. That’s what it comes down to. People get the most angry when they are inconvenienced or perceive you are impending their life in some way.

Lets think about this for a moment…people are getting bothered and angry that a fellow human being is wanting to commune with them in communication and friendship. Even when I began my conversation, I used my label and my profession, but it didn’t matter their fellow.human was not wanted!

When this observation dawned on me I was shocked. Then I thought about city streets and people walking side side and never.acknowledging their presence or even their humanhood. This is where we are.in this world…where we live in a world where everything is connected and we are one human family-yet nobody will admit it. Fear has taken us over, and we see it as normal.

As my girlfriend says:break the cycle. Say hello to a stranger or answer the man’s 8 questions. 🙂


Daily motivating for positive change-walk

Take a walk

Get out of your house and get outside for a while. When you take a walk you immediately start to do great things for your body. When you take a walk your blood starts to circulate through your brain faster and it actually encourages brain cell development. In reality, when you take a walk there is nothing bad but the pollution that you breathe in. Lol

Also when you take a walk you get a moment with your thoughts and your ideas. Look around. You’re able to see a better and newer world then the TV allows you to see. If you take a walk in nature, the nature alone will increase all of the happy chemicals in your brain. Remember, a better you mean you can create a better world.

10 For 10 Summer Challenge Third DAY

This is the 3rd day of the 10 For 10 summer challenge


So this is the 3rd day. I’ve heard many thank yous for my last 2 posts.

Day 1 – Change.org  -10 petitions signed!

Day 2 – Wrote a post teaching people about meditation…the ripple affects are amazing!

Today is Day 3!!!!!

Today I went simple……because we can.

I took in every person’s trash can in. Today was trash day for most of the people in our neighborhood. I walked down the street and brought every person’s trash can in. Then I begin walking down the next block….and did the same. Soon I had walked a mile bringing in people’s trash can.


The many thank yous that I recieved was amazing.


The most amazing part – As I was doing this on one side of the road, a little boy followed me.  As he watched,  he begin to do the same!

Let’s all Help “All For The Animals”

There are people out there that decide they are going to pursue their passion no matter what the cost. When they succeed, we write newspaper articles about them, magazine articles about them, and they become part of a “rags to riches story” that we eat up and live for.  We love to hear these stories about the millionaires, the musican, and the successful business people that came from n0thing and then made it to great heights.  At the end of the story of how they achieved all they did, we tear up and smile knowing that this is really possible in our world.

For that one moment, we see the world as better than the constant onslaught of negativity that is increasingly become part of our world.

When a person goes out to pursue their passion, and it isn’t about them at all…unfortunately we usually don’t hear about them. We usually only hear about them if our local news or some small local paper has caught wind of it, and they do a small story on them. But the success is even larger for these people than the successful business person or actor or musician above, these special ones are speaking and acting for others. Their work is creating a ripple affect of happiness, joy, and help that is felt by everyone who hears from them or sees them or is part of their life in any way.

What if you could be part of someone’s story?  That is the oportunioty we all have every day…to be able to help someone achieve their dreams and their success. Right now…You can.

Allow me to introduce you a Nonprofit called All For The Animals.

 This company was started for one reason and one reason only….The Animals.

There are so many animals that are kicked out of homes, dropped into the wild, decided that they aren’t part of the family anymore, or simply discarded and forgotten. There are so many animals, especially the litters of unfixed dogs and cats, that need help and a place to live. It’s not their fault that their “person” doesn’t have enough money to take care of their brothers and sisters. It’s not their fault that their “person” didn’t think ahead and they get tossed out to fend for themselves. Many times these animals are picked up by animal Control, and if the poor animals are deemed “dangerous”, “sick”, or are in the facility too long…they are killed! This is wrong! There are so many ways that animals become “person-less”…but they don’t have to be just thrown to the wolves (pun intended…because that’s a very real situation for many of these animals) or killed by people who see them as a problem rather than a real living breathing earthling.

The Director of All for the Animals Lauren Bertke and her husband decided that enough was enough!  They would not watch animals be killed in places that were suppose to help or left to die in the wild.

  1. All of these animals deserve the right to live.
  2. All of these animals deserve to be placed in a happy loving home.
  3. All of these animals deserve a shot at life.
  4. These animals did not ask to be brought into this world, they only ask that they are able to live!


Lauren Bertke and her husband are one of those people that have gone out and pursued their passion regardless of the risks. They have created All For The Animals to help give the animals a voice and a home. But what about the bills? But what about the upkeep?  All For The Animals is a nonprofit that lives only on the donations, the vollunters, grants (if you can get one), and the help from people like you.

So, what can you do?

Right now, anything that you can do is appreciated!

Donations of any kind are greatly appreciated!  To foster and take care of ALL of these animals they need ways to feed, water, clean up, and take care of ALL of the pets, and the ability to get more.

So what do they need:

  •  dog food
  • cat food
  • kitty litter
  • dog crates
  • newspapers
  • bedding
  • general donations.

You can go to their website and donate or buy a think of food or litter for them.

This is not only your change to help someone achieve their dreams of helping aniamls, but you also help hundreds and thousands of animals. When you help people, it’s amazing. When you help animals, you are helping part of the earth and mother nature. When you help them both…you are doing something amazing!

Thank you for helping All For The Animals…they deserve it, and I can’t wait to be part of their “Rags to Riches Story.”

Please let me know what you donate!


Change your view on straws

I was sitting at a restaurant drinking a cool refreshing beverage. I sipped the liquid up the straw and rejoiced in the taste as it filled my mouth. Suddenly it occurred to me…here’s an opportunity for change!

All plastics are made from oil based products.  The scary part is when you look around and see how much of our daily lives are made of plastic. The oil/fossil fuel/climate change problem is bigger than the gas we put in our car – SO MUCH BIGGER!

Every piece of plastic is part of the problem.

(Note: This is funny. A friend of mine said that if I keep putting up such controversial posts, I would lose my readership and nobody would hire me to come speak to their group of organization. Wow….wanting to making things better is controversial now?  Who knew.)

But we have really gotten use to all o9f our plastic stuff, I mean looking at children’s toys (especially toddlers).  I know what you’re thinking…great Chad, now you want me to get rid of all of my plastic stuff?  Not really…as much as it would be a good idea, I can’t do that so I’m not going to ask anyone else to do it either.

Let’s start small….because the small things are the most numerous, and they are often not on our radar at all…because they are so small. When you friend sits in a plastic chair, you look the chair up and down and think…wow, that’s a lot of oil use. But it’s not like you’re going to try to eradicate plastic chairs.

Let’s think…what is small, extremely numerous, made of plastic, and billions are used everyday and thrown away like they are nothing?

That brings me back to the original story of me sitting at the restaurant…..plastic straws.

I got up from my seat and asked the restaurant manger how many boxes of plastic straws he goes through on a daily basis. He didn’t know but he did know that every week he has to stock up on straws and he buys 5 boxes a week and 500 comes in each box….that means his little restaurant (since it’s not one of the big chains…that’s another blog post) uses 2500 straws per week or 10,000 per month or 120,000 per year. Wow!  That’s 102,500 feet of straws….and this guy is only open from 5am-2pm. Imagine what a big chain like Chillis, Applebees, or even McDonalds is using on a daily basis.

So small…..a very very big problem when you’re looking at billions, possibly trillions per year being used and disposed of every day. Remember…nobody recycles straws.  They are recyclable however!

I mean have we lost the ability to lift a glass to our mouth?

Here is a great place to start creating positive change with this issue.

1. I went researching and this is already a cause that is being taken up (this was a relief since I previously thought that nobody cared). Please go to this website and sign the petition and send it to all of your friends.

2. Visit this site and see the alternatives to using straws and some ideas of what you can do.

A scary fact off of that website:

More than 500 million disposable plastic straws are used in the United States every day and would fill more than 127 school buses daily, or more than 46,400 school bus loads per year. (40ft. – long buses)*




3. Stop using straws and begin asking restaurants that you frequent to stop using straws or at least educating their customers on the use of straws.   You could create flyers and ask your local restaurants to post it about straws.

4. Real change – You can contact a chain, or if you know someone who works at a change…contact them, and ask them to reduce the use or recycle them or eliminate straws altogether.  I mean we use and reuse silverware, why couldn’t we create durable straws and use and reuse them?

This is your campaign and this is your change to make.

Change comes in ways that we often don’t see. There are ways to improve our world all over the place, all we have to do is look around. The smallest items are often the ones that go unnoticed, but are clogging our landfills, our lungs, and our bodies the most.

There was a time that a small amount of ddt(a deadly chemical) was used in pesticides and home spraying…this little amount was killing people.  There was a big campaign and now DDT deaths are almost nonexistent…but it took a lot of people to change it.  You are one of those people!

No matter what, when in doubt look to the past and see what use to be “normal”….all the changes were made by peopel who took that cause on their shoulders. You can too!

Sandy,climate change, and steriods

Our climate is changing.

Our world is changing and it is killing and destroying people.

Canw e be the ones to change this? Can we be the ones to reinvent our world….YES!

We have to do something, or storms like Sandy will be normal. We’re already seeing really really weird weather….and all the scientist say there’s no sign of stopping.

If there are people who do not believe this…that’s fine, but they will still be affected by it!

The war on nature!

Most of us live in a city.

Most of us were born in a city.

Most people who do not live or were not born in a city, want to live in a city.

The cities that exist, we can do nothing about. They are what they are.  We can change the landscape of the city by creating vacant lots to be parks and botanical gardens and community gardens. (Hint hint…what a great idea!  Who wants to take this on?)

However, we have to stop the forests and natural worlds that still exist on our planet from becoming cities. We must end the deforestation that is happening around the world. We are cutting off out air supply. We are cutting off our weather regulators. We all learned this science in grade school, it’s not like some crazy scientist just dreamed it up…it’s a reality.

So before you watch the video below…here’s a call to action for everyone reading this!

1. Plant. Plant. Plant. Make your world (our world) more plentiful with trees and nature. A true story…a friend of mine goes to the dollar store and buys seed packs for 25 cents, and spends like $3. Then he drives around places where there are vacant lots and pours the seeds around the lots. Or he will drive down the road letting seeds fly to the wind.  There are a lot fo pretty places because of him.

2. Join or create causes to stop the destruction of the natural world. There are so many groups out there…a google search will garnish 1000’s of sites and organizations doing everything they can to end the destruction. You can HELP!  Yes you can. Your voice is not small….and you are part of the solution!