A new direction for the blog!!!

Good Morning every one of my followers –

I appreciate you!

Well, it seems that my life has changed yet once again. Before I began as a motivational speaker, I was a high school teacher.

I’m a natural born teacher, and that’s just what I do…educate.  That’s really what Motivating For Positive Change was suppose to be as well, a new way of educating more people to help them change the world. Unfortunetly, there is a thin line between starting a business and being unemployed. Suddenly, I was evicted out of my house and basicly evicted out of my comfy life, so I had to make changes very quickly!  As is the normal Chad way of doing things; I reinvented myself (or in this case, went back to what I know and really where I belong) and I have now started over.

So what are the new changes and the new directions for the blog?

Great Question…

I’m going to keep the poitivity flowing. I’ll keep the amazing stuff that I post on this blog as is per usual. However, there are some other endeavors that I will be posting here.

I have a few books that are in the works:

1. One Human Family: A book showing that all of us are more alike than different.

– A book of about 300 interviews of the same 8 questions. These 8 questions are questions that all people share, questions that all people have thought about have formed opinions about. I figure that once 300 are gathered, we will see a lot of the same answers as well as a lot of the same ideas. Maybe if we can all see the same answers to the same questions, we could all see that we are all alike.

Note: If you’d like to answer these 8 questions, please ask!!  Please, I’d love for you to be part of this book!


2. A book about positivity. {Title unknown}

– A collection of blog posts, original essays, and ideas of positivity and hppiness. A pseudo “how to” book to be positive and happy. It’s very similar to this blog and a whole lot better.


3. Group of short stories {Title Unknown}

– These are a group of short stories on multiple subjects and ideas. I guarantee, if you like, or kinda like, my writing…you will LOVE these stories. Some of them will be published on this blog. Some will be put on here in short form, and the rest will be up for order.

4. Poetry

So far there are 3 books of poetry by me that are on Amazon.com that you can now purchase if you’d like.

If you like poetry – You’ll truly like the books!

I hope you like the new direction, and please share this blog with others. I look forward to hearing your comments.

If you really want to be part of the 8 QUESTIONS book, please message me or comment I will send you the questions.


Nonviolence Class


I go out and speak to people about changing the world, and I also go out and speak about ending violence. I speak about ending violence of all kinds (Domestic, Bullying, discrimination, hate crimes, etc) and about creating a nonviolence world. (Yes, there is a difference) I speak about saving the earth and climate change as well. I lend my voice and abilities to as many good and great causes that I can. I inspire people to change the way things are in this world.

One of the other things I do is teach a 3 – 5 day curriculum, spread into 5 weeks, about ending violence, saving the earth, and changing the world.

This Wednesday I went to the 1st class of the nonviolence curriculum. These classes are taught in local rec centers, YMCA, or Boys and Girls Clubs for ages 9-14. I like to educate them that the normality of their world…no matter how violent…it doesn’t have to be that way. Then I explain that they, yes them that are sitting there listening to be at 11 years of age, can end this and change the world. They are flabbergasted, and when they really do something…they can’t believe their eyes that they were part of it.

I was explaining why violence is so prevalent in our society and world. I then asked a question I’ve asked adults: If someone slapped you in your face, would you hit them back?

When I asked the adults 99% of the people said…Yes, they would hit the other person back. Actually, they made a lot of other comments about what they would do to those people, but we’ll leave at that. In fact, I even asked some peace loving bully trainers if they would hit them back and the numbers were 80%…lower, but sad since “walk away” is one of the rules we give to kids who are being pushed, hit, and all around bullied. When I asked teachers, the numbers were in the 85% range….and these are the examples of how to deal with violence.

The students age 10-13, 85% said they’d hit them back. Then I asked if they had been told to hit someone back as a way of “standing up for yourself”. Or if a trusted adult told them to hit the person back. The phrase…an eye for an eye came up, but still 87% (yes, the number changed.) stood on the side of the room where an adult or parent that was very close to them, told them they should hit someone back if they were hit.

“An eye for an eye, makes the whole world blind” – Ghandi

“If someone slaps you, turn and offer them the other cheek” – Yeshawa ben Joseph (prophet)

“Violence creates violence, just as oak trees create oak trees” – Thoreau

This is the status of our world. Eighty-five percent of people believe that violence must be answered with violence.

Violence being answered with violence creates pain, bleeding, mutilation, war, destruction, and death. We’ve seen this throughout the entire history of the world…it hasn’t worked yet, why do we keep doing it again and again?

“Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of insanity” – Albert Einstein

When I asked if this makes sense, I got everyone talking and explaining they wouldn’t “let” someone hit them and do nothing about it. But one small voice of a 9 year old girl with locks in her hair asked, “But if violence hurts people, why is that the answer? Aren’t we suppose to “not hurt” people?”

Violence, just like happiness, is a choice. There is no reason for violence, but we have been taught when to use it. We are a violent culture that embraces violence as a normal aspect of life, and simply the way that people interact with each other. There have been leaders after leaders have shown us a different way. They have shown us the way to nonviolence.

“Nonviolence is not the absence of violence. On the contrary, nonviolence is the creation of understanding and acceptance for your fellow person. – Thigh Nicht Nag

I had all the students stand facing the windows and the door. I explained we are standing in our current world. The future is ahead of us…we have to decide what it looks like. If we don’t want the violence in our future, let’s eliminate it now!


Domestic Violence has to end


This article is an article on ending domestic violence.

This article is an article to end violence.

This article is an article to end the suffering every man, woman, and child must suffer when the ugly head of domestic violence rears its head.

cl1This article is about remembering the 12 people that died last year in Pinellas County.

To put this in perspective: 9 in 2011, 8 in 2010, 11 in 2009, 6 in 2008, 4 in 2007, 7 in 2006…..This is more death because of domestic violence than any other year since we began counting in 2000.

This article is about 12 people who believed it was a good idea to end the lives of these people…and we hope they learn from it so that the lives are not lost in vain…and maybe just maybe, these people can find a positive outlet for their life.

This article is about the 4 people who took their own life after they took their “loved” ones.

This article is about the family members…the 100’s of family members that are left behind to wonder why…why did my child kill and why did my child die. Why did mom die, why did dad die, why did dad kill mom, why did mom kill dad?

This article shows the pinellas county domestic violence task force striving:

to bring awareness to the large amount of deaths

to remember the ones lost

to remember the ones that were affected


cl3to give a voice to everyone.

I was asked to Emcee this event, and it was a great honor. It was a great honor to speak out against this, and educate all the people who stood there that night, looking at the men and women who are now represented with bags.

It was a amazing to see the people in white, slowly turn as the names of each of the people were named. Silent white shrouded witnesses of the men and women who lost their life.

Interesting enough..this comes just days after the news that the man who caused so much heart ache and destruction in my house, in my mother’s life, and my life….is now dead.

It seems I should jump for joy…yet…it’s a reminder that many many people destroy people’s lives and are allowed to live a nice long life till the day they die. I don’t say this in any bitter way, but to realize that this crime surfaces again and again all over the world.  There are so many silent witnesses to atrocities, abuse, and acts of power and control.

So…say something. Say something when you see the abuse, say something when people vote against help and prevention of violence. Say something when people’s lives are at stake. Say something in marches. Say something on facebook. Say something on twitter. Say something about every person that has ever

Chad Herman speaking to end domestic violence.

Chad Herman speaking to end domestic violence.

died by the hands of a loved one….and say they deserve to be remembered as great people that never wanted anything more than to be loved.

Believe…believe that we are the solution. Believe that there is a solution. Believe that when a person says they “can’t” leave a situation…that’s very true…they can’t. Believe people when they say something has happened, and they don’t know where to turn. Believe that you can post, write, or do something to end this violence. Believe that others around believe the same thing.

When we all speak in one voice – this violence will end.

Doing things to help others?


I suggested to a group of people that we all have the ability to do something to help others and they said:

Yeah, well maybe you do, but we`re not like you.

What?  Really?

We choose who we are. We choose who we decide to be. We choose whether or not we’re going to have a good day or a bad day. We choose to be happy, and we choose to be sad. Our choices define who we are at any given moment.

I wake up everyday and say the same thing: It’s going to be a good day.

I wake up everyday and say…I’m going to do something to help others.

I wake up everyday and say…I’m going to be happy.

What’s the alternative?  What’s the other way of being?

Why would you want that?

helpStand up today and say in a big booming voice: I will be happy and help someone today.

Then go out and do just that. It’s amazing how many people you can help on any given day, and it feel so so so good.

However, one of the main reason why people don’t go out and do something good for people…they’re too busy.

Let’s see how this sounds:

Too busy to help an old man across the street.

Too busy to open a door for someone.

Too busy to check and make sure someone is ok on the side of the road.

Too busy to give every person you meet a small compliment. Whether it be about their hair, their clothes, anything…it’s a gift to so many.

Too busy to spend a dollar on a fundraiser.

Too busy to give someone the change the needed.

Too busy to pull out the chair for someone.

help3Too busy to pick up the phone you’re practically connected to…to call someone and say hi. That might be the most joyous part of their life.

Too busy to say a little prayer for someone.

Too busy to bring someone’s trash can to their home from the curb.

Too busy to offer your lonely neighbor some of the food you just cooked your family.

Too busy to put a few positive things on facebook.

Are you really that busy?

How do you make a difference in the world – Stand up!

To truly understand this amazing video imagine this for a moment:

You are born into a world where it is overtly obvious that you are a second class citizen in the eyes of everyone around you and especially your country. Also, you realize that you are a second class citizen because of your gender…that one little chromosome that makes you male or female. That one little leg of the chromosome and BAM you are less than the males.

Now imagine that you watch all of the adult women in your world lament about their lack of education..in very very hushed words. You have dreams and hopes that you know other people are allowed to have…but you aren’t allowed those dreams and hopes because of who you were born as.

Then you found out that you were going to be one of the lucky few that was able to be educated…not as much as the boys, but educated nonetheless. The more education you got, the more people around you got angry. The government tried to stop the annoyance around your city…but it was glaringly obvious that because of your gender and the fact you were getting an education, you were looked down upon.

Now add the fact that multiple countries were occupying your country and you saw military jeeps, tanks, and listened to gunshots ring in the air as you walked onto the bus, went to school, learned your lessons, and came home. You could feel your house shake from the bombs sometimes. Because of your education and your parents, you knew that the war was for civil rights. If they won the war, you were able to keep doing what you were doing. If they lost the war, you would become a captive who has no rights except what the males tell you to do.

In school you write a paper about the rights of girls and women. It gets publisher and it becomes a world wide phenomenon. You get awards and lots and lots of praise. You are standing up for whats right.

On your bus that morning, men board your bus and the last thing you remember is a flash…..you just got shot in the head for standing up against what was glaringly and obviously wrong!

This is Malala’s story, and now that she is healing…she is keeping up the fight.

This is the story of all of us. This si the story of how to fight against a cause that you feel that strongly for.

This is a story of pure good…and how we all have it in us.

So, how do you change the world…by taking a stand against what’s wrong in the world.

As Ghandi said: I alone will do right, even though everyone is doing wrong.

What will you stand up for?

Go out and compliment the people who are doing good

I was out and about going about my normal day when i came upon this car with a ton of bumper stickers on the back. Regardless of how you feel about bumper stickers the messages were amazing.They talked about world peace, love, one human family,and ending violence.


Its like a blog to motivate and inspire that everyone behind them has to read.  What do you do when you see something like that?

Celebrate the person!!!!!!!!!!

One of the greatest things in the world is that you have a sense of belonging or something that you do to express yourself, is actually important….and that it means something to someone else as well.

So, when you see someone do something, promote something, or do something that promotes that positive change: say something and say it proud. Make that person feel great that they are doing what they are doing….because the more inspired and happy people feel about what they do, the more they will do it.

We need people out there doing a lot of stuff.

What do you think?


Chad R. Herman – Motivating For Positive Change



What can I do to end DV?

When I go out to speak to people, i work towards motivating and inspiring positive change. The whole point is to give people tools, inspiration, motivation, and ideas to go out and change the world in a positive way.

I can give people ways to help all sorts of causes every minute.

actually, if you have just heard me speak – you probably have more ideas and thoughts than you know what to do with.

BUT – one topic, which is very dear to my heart, is domestic violence. A horrible disease in our world that is TOTALLY preventable.  Because, how do you prevent it – DON’T DO IT.

What an easy solution!

But then people ask, but how do I motivate others, what can I do to stop Dv, what can I do to help the Dv community and all of the victims out there, what can I do to make a change?

I’m always stopped right there because Dv is such a controversial and hard cause. Ask most people how to prevent and end Dv and they will say – Stop hitting people or worse they blame the victim (AUGH!!)

Here is a comprehensive list of some things that we can all do

1.   Donate to a domestic violence center.  

Volunteer at a domestic violence center.

  1. .   Speak at your children’s school about preventing domestic violence.
  2. 4.   Start a blog of your own speaking out to prevent domestic violence.
  3. 5.   Like DV prevention pages on Facebook.
  4. 6.   Post DV prevention messages on facebook.
  5. 7.   Be a positive role-model, exercise fairness, and reinforce positive behavior.
  6. 8.   Address inappropriate and disrespectful behavior immediately.
  7. 9.   Encourage and foster safe and respectful relationships in everyone.
  8. 10.                     DON’T REMAIN SILENT !!!
  9. 11.                     Do not laugh at or make jokes about violence against women or men. because they are not funny, EVER!
  10. 12.                     Write letters/emails to companies that use sexism as ways to sell things.
  11. 13.                     Write letters to congress/senate/etc. about how they should vote.
  12. 14.                     Speak at your church/civic group/book club/etc.
  13. 15.                     Become part of the solution!  Attend programs, take courses, watch films, and read articles and books about the prevention actions that are being taken.   Educate yourself and others about how larger social forces affect the conflicts between individual men and women.
  14. 16.                     Don’t fund sexism. Refuse to purchase any magazine, rent any video, subscribe to any Web site, or buy any music that portrays girls or women in a sexually degrading or abusive manner. Protest sexism in the media

(Sorry about the numbering situation)

The awesome part….EVERYONE can take part in this! From 2-99 we are all able to work toward preventing this!